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I'm already loving 2011 cause we - meaning BIG BANG fans - have received great news today!

- Dec 12th: Running Man, like every Sunday actually but this time it'll be a YG special featuring a YG artist in one of the RM teams.
I guess we'll get to see other known figures in this episode.
And maybe they'll grant my wish: seeing Daesung and Jae Suk re-united.

- Dec 15th: GD and TOP are gonna release their single + MV I guess.
I watched their performance at the MAMA and it was daebak!
Byebye fucking annoying and overwhelming electro sounds, clap your hand for good hip hop stuff!

- Dec 24th: GD and TOP's full album, I can't believe they worked on a full album in secret!

- Jan 3rd: Release of Seungri's digital single, I hope it'll be as good as "Strong Baby"!

- Feb 1st: Probably best day of the year cause it's BIG BANG's comeback as a group, at last!

So I'm a little LOT ecstatic today if you know what I mean...
Since I watched the MAMA performances, I'm being a little impatient but still, I'm coping.
As I was watching GD, TOP and Taeyang perfs, I was thinking "Hey K-artists, watch and learn!"
And wait for next year award ceremonies, they're gonna get 'em all!

2011's gonna be a BIG BANG year!
BIG BANG is the shit, damn it!
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PEOPLE, big big news!
So big that I feel that I should tell every K-Pop fan!

I was randomly clicking stuff on Facebook and wanted to become a Hwangbo fan there, when I discovered something huge.
You remember few weeks ago, when we were all desperate because of the closing of Jenpoo...
Guess what, it's not dead but back under a new name: Jenpuu.

So you can all resume your life and breathe again~

Godess Hwangbo always brings good stuff.
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Godess Hwangbo is back with a new single people and it's good!

I admire this woman so much, she's strong, she's funny, she's has charisma and such a beautiful voice.When Family Outing was still airing, I was praying for her to come as a guest but it never happened.Now that she's back, maybe she'll appear in Running Man, that'd be totally daebak and Jae Suk would tease her in remembrance of old times during X-Man.
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  • BIG BANG 's come back delays
  • Potential too overwhelming presence of autotune on upcoming BIG BANG album
  • Not having been able to see the Wonder Girls in Cannes
  • Not being in Paris while Vanness Wu is there
  • Waiting for the last 2 eps of Gumiho
  • Where's Gahee's solo activity Pledis!?
  • Having to work on Saturdays
  • Not being able to find a Japanese course in my region
  • That iPods can be synchronized on only ONE computer


Jul. 12th, 2010 03:20 am
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So am I listening new stuff? 8D

- Monologue by Ryo Nishikido

- Ukiyo Odoribito by Kanjani8

- Magic Girl by Orange Caramel

- Addiction by Code-V

- Come Back Again by Infinite

- Dream On by Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris for Glee

- Absolutely all After School songs! ♥

Kanjani8 are baaaaaaack and I'm so happy because of that Prologue of Patch!
I wanna know what's behind Club8's doors NAO! Ç_Ç
Ryo... why do I ALWAYS love your solos?!! ♥

Orange Caramel, my sweet girls...
I hated the song at first but it grew on me and I'm addicted to that song now.

Code-V definitely needs more love, come on!
Their first title song is great, reminds me of "Neorago" and "Insomnia" at the same time but I love it.

For Infinite, I knew I'd like them for the very start and I wasn't disappointed.
Some of the guys have very voices and the choreography is just... perfect.

And "Dream On" just because of Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris, period.
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When I heard about the After School sub-units I had mixed feelings.
On one side, I was a bit disappointed because I like the group as a whole (though I'm terribly happy that UEE is away for some side activities).
On the other, it was a good occasion to let some of the girls shine a bit because lately it was all about Gahee and Raina.

Then, the news came that the first unit would be Orange Caramel.
With such a name, of course it could only be a girly and sweet thing.
Yesasia at the same time proposed some autographed CDs and since I'm weak, I ordered one without knowing anything about the group.

The day after I think, the songs were released and I HATED "Magic Girl", I mean from all my heart and soul!
It was too bubbly, too cute, too much like Japanese pop you can hear in animes...
I was like "What have they done with my girls!? T_T"

And the MV came out and it softened my opinion, it was sweet and funny and I began to like the concept.
I also saw the live performances and the were okay, the settings were nice and all and the girls still have their charisma.

And one day, while I was driving (I always plug my iPod to my radio in my car) my iPod set on random mode, played Magic Girl and that was... so unrealistic!
I was bouncing, dancing and singing at the same time.
It really felt great, it was sunny and the song made me happy for some reason.

So if you didn't like the song at first, maybe you can give it another try because this song did grow on me after all :D

And new Nana icon because the shooting in ELLE is really nice (and I have the same sunglasses than Nana).
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Until recently, 2NE1 was the only girl group I was interested in.
But since I like After School's title "Because of you", I decided to watch their other performances.
These girls are some charisma, they dance quite well and most of them can sing!
Now, I can say it aloud... I'm a Playgirlz! I'm gonna explain why I like them so much.

I love every single member but I have a little preference for Raina and Kahi though.
Kahi is a fierce woman with a dream body, she excels at dance, she has a good and constant voice and she can rap.
Moreover, she's a great leader with a great presence, this girl can do anything!
She's going solo soon for the After School sub-units, I can't wait to hear her.

Raina... ah Raina, I've totally succumbed to her voice and she's so pretty with her round face! >_<
She's the one with the most powerful and beautiful voice of the group, she's a great asset now.

Jung Ah is the soft voice, she looks so mature and all (and I think she looks a bit like Uhm Jung Hwa and that's a compliment).
I think I prefer when she has long hair...

I was kinda indifferent to Bekah at first, but the more I see/listen to her, the more I love her!
She actually has a good and pretty voice and she's got some attitude, like Kahi ♥

It was the same for Nana, I thought she was pretty but that's all.
Her long blond hair suit her well I think and she can sing... trot, I love trot!!!

UEE, I got some issue with her because I thought she looked really strict and severe.
And I saw her in You're Beautiful where her character was really not likeable.
But it grew on me and I like seing her smiling in the Diva MV or on TV shows.
There's only one thing... she's definitely the worst at singing xD

Ju Yeon absolutely can't sing but she's pretty pretty, especially with short hair, llike in the Bang MV.
But they found the solution at Pledis, the volume of her mic is lower than the others xD

Since Lizzy has just come, I don't know her well but I saw the video where Pledis introduces her and she has a lovely voice.

UEE is gone for now because she's shooting a new drama but now, on 8 members, there are 6 of them who can sing well! Yeepee!

Kahi, Raina, Jung Ah & Bekah

Kahi & Bekah duet

Raina & Bekah duet
Kahi & Jung Ah duet

"Because of you" is my favourite song from them, I still listen to it a lot.
"When I fall" has a slower rythm but it's beautiful.
I'm not a big big fan of "Bang!" but there's a moment I absolutely adore: the Kahi+Raina part.
"Ah!" is a funny song and "Diva" just makes you wanna dance!

Okay, I stop it for now... I'll just patiently wait for their comeback.

Go Reds!

May. 18th, 2010 03:03 pm
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If Top can do it, I can do it!

I'm gonna train hard even though I do hate football.
I consider myself a lot more French than Korean but since the French football team sucks like hell, I'll support Korea.

Talking about BIG BANG, they've just released their new song for the Japanese version of IRIS:

So, of course it's in Japanese and I usually don't like BIB BANG's Japanese singles but this one is really nice!
They all look so good in their suits and very hawt moment with Daesung soaking wet with the rain!

Seems like GD and Top still don't master Japanese cause they're stil rapping in Engrish xD
I particularly like when GD says "Round and round and round", the guy has a lot charisma in this video, we can't deny it.

I can't wait for their comeback and I want some hot stuff please!


Apr. 27th, 2010 02:05 am
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Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the lack of updates here of comments on your LJs, but my internet connexion was totally dead until today.

So, what am I listening?

- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Lee Hyori

- Memory  by Lee Hyori

- Want me back by Lee Hyori

- C'mon Through by Lasse Lindh

- Loving you is easy by Sarah McLachlan

It's the long-awaited comeback for Hyori and even though there's this plagiarism issue, I enjoy her new album a lot.
I feel that her voice has mature a bit more and maybe her too, this style suits her better.
Too bad there's this controversy because it's a really good album and people may only see the copyright thing.
But I'm also not telling it's okay to steal others' compositions...

C'mon Through is from the OST of the drama Soulmate.
See below if you want more information.

And 2010 will witness Sarah Mclachlan's comeback too!
Her last album is from 2003, I went to her concert in Paris.
This new song is a new part of her life, the tempo and her lyrics have changed and you know what, it's not a bad thing at all!


Mar. 25th, 2010 03:12 pm
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Songs of the week, well mid-week actually...
When I love a song, I tend to repeat it a loooot.
Right now it's (not in order):

- 너 때문에 (Because of You) by After School

- 너 때문에 (Because of You) by F.Cuz

- 잘못했어 (I was wrong) by 2AM

2 songs named "Because of You" in the list hahaha~
People, give a chance to F.Cuz, they have a lot to show I think.
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When you hang around with friends who prefer Korean culture over the Japanese one, you eventually end up watching K-related stuff and that's what happened this past week-end for me.
Don't worry, I enjoyed it, except that I can't remember the names @____@

I listened to DBSK for the first time, now I know "Mirotic" and yes, I love this song!
I got youuuuuuu~
Under my skin...

But the most wonderful discovery was the Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra parody by 2PM and 2AM!
Dirty Eyed Girls rule da world!!!!
If you have this MV in .avi and in HQ, let me know *w*

I also discovered the Korean TV show "Family Outing".
The games they play are funny, I've begun to watch the first episodes of the program.
(Hmmm, I should write "programme" since I usually write/talk a British English...)

Oh, now some of the D-Boys are not strangers anymore for me.
Well, this time, they're Japanese (sorry for jumping from one subject to another).
But I just CAN'T recognize Chanaka !!!
This guy never has the same haircut, style...

Well, I managed to recognize and learn all the names of the Super Junior members, I should be able to memorize that...
My favourite D-Boys is Yuya Endo, but I already liked him before knowing he was a D-Boys actually.

Program for the next few days...
Family Outing and the last 2 episodes of Partner!!
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Tonight I relistened to some songs I really liked before falling in the Johnny's Entertainment trap XD

Well, I watched the music video of Everything for Free. Actually, I didn't know there was a MV for this song.
This is the group K's Choice and my favourite song from them is Virgin State of Mind.
In my mp3 for at least 9 years now!

Then, Sarah Mclachlan who has been my favourite singer ever for years and years now.
One of her most impressive song is Fear.
Her voice is really astonishing.

One of fave songs is Adia.
And today I discovered a terribly good cover of this song by... Avril Lavigne!
And, fuck, she's damn good even though I don't like her music.

And finally, Do what you have to do.

Yeah, her songs are a bit sad but when I first heard her voice, I was really surprised how high she could sing.
And she has a really special voice as well.
I love lots of her songs, and it's hard to choose, but if you have to pick one of her albums, it'll definitely be Surfacing!
her best performances are live tours, it's so much better than a clean CD version.

I was in a pop period when I was around 15-16.
I listened stuff like Pavlo's Bell from Aimée Mann.

I also had a Dandy Warhols period with Bohemian Like You mainly and We Used to be Friends, I was so surprised to see that it was the opening of the TV series Veronica Mars.

And... as my parents are Rolling Stones lovers, I know their music for ages, since... always actually.
Wild Horses.

Yeah, I know, I had a strange playlist when I was this age... Nobody knew Sarah Mclachlan in my class, I think my CD saw a lot of CD players ^^
Dandy Warhols, forget it, I think I was the only one to listen to them in the all school! XD

And for French people, pour ceux qui s'en souviennent, il y avait une chanson que j'adorais, Le Grand Pardon de Dabatcha'zz, groupe qui a dû sortir 3 chansons à tout péter, mais voilà, je n'ai jamais oublié la première.

When I was a little bit older, I was more in a rock period.
Now, it depends but I guess I'm more in a J-music one XD

But to finish this post, one of the most beautiful song in this rough world.
Kissing You from Des'ree.

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