Feb. 5th, 2010

aanjali: (06)
I though it'd talke time for my mapthesoul.com package to come because there was no news on the website but the EMS guy rang my bell this morning.
That a fucking good surprise!

Here are the things I bought:


There's Tablo's book, Pieces of You, it was more simple to order from map the soul instead of yesasia or Hanbooks.
And on the left, the Map the Soul Album chich is more like a book actually.
This album was first made for international fans so it's bilingual.
There are pictures, texts describing their life... a very nice object.

So if you live abroad (meaning not in Korea), you can easily order from their website.
Just use IE and not FF and unblock pop-up cuz you need them to proceed to the payment.
If you're not sure about what to do exactly cuz the information given on their board can be very confusing, you can ask me, no problem ^^

I'm really glad it came so fast and I already know what I'll order next from them!
And for those who'd like to know, I didn't pay a lot: 53,000 won EMS shipping included

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