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OK, Kanjani8's  new album - Puzzle - will be out in April and I think I'm gonna preorder both RE and LE versions.
I'm really happy because those guys didn't release a lot of singles since KJ2.
In comparison, the Arashi guys are soooo blessed XD

I think I'll wait to order the calendar because... I don't need calendars at all, it's just because it's Johnny's that I have some.
And since I saw that if I wait, Yesasia cut the price, well I'll be patient.

The worst that Grandpa Johnny could do to finish me off would be Arashi releasing a new album.
Because when it'll happen, I'll definitely order it!
And have you seen the last 2 PVs?
I couldn't stop looking at Aiba in "Believe" >w<
(And Jun, what's that bow tie?! XD)

There'll also be a DVD for L'Arc~en~Ciel's concert in Paris last year to be released in May... 68€
I don't know what to do about that, maybe I'll wait to see if the DVD will be sold in FNAC.

I'm leaving on Thursday for London for work and to see some friends, I'll probably buy some magazines and other stuff at the Japanese Centre since £ is weaker than € now, deaaaal!
When I lived there, if I convert, I paid something like more 12€ for a magazine @__@
In Paris, it's more 10€ something.

And when I'll be back home, the writing process for my thesis will begin~
It's about "The integration of the Indian community in Reading, Berkshire", hooray!
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Latest and new "coup de cœur"(*)...

Because I finally watched the entire MSSL 2008 and fell for the song あなたと, a duet with Ayaka.
Their voices are really really nice.

From what I understood, the song wasn't supposed to be a hit and was made for a CM.
But since there was so much demand by people, they made a PV and released the single.
(*) Loving something immediately.

I also listened to the L'Arc~en~Ciel's talk.
Hyde said that it was their debut in Europe and they came for the first time in Paris for a live, the atmosphere was great...
Ken added that he was really surprised by the Europeans fans who were shouting before the beginning of the show.
Well, that's true and for my part I already lost most of my voice before the concert...
Please, tell me if I got it wrong, I'm just a rookie in Japanese XD

But... but... but, I read on the internet that maybe... there'll be a DVD of the concert in Paris!
A whole DVD for Paris, this would be huuuuuge news and I'd definitely buy it.


May. 26th, 2008 12:08 pm
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I know it's a bit late to write a report about the concert, but anyway, I won't do a proper report... XD

Enjoy~ )

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