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I've come back today from Belfast and I have to say I'm a bit sad now because I had such a wonderful time with wonderful people!
I'm really glad that my cousin is in a relationship with someone from abroad though she's been living in France for some years now.
And ow they have a cute and lovely baby girl, aw~

When my cousin called to invite us to the baptem in Belfast, I was really happy, I had never been to Ireland before!
I thought it'd be even greater if the ceremony was in Eire but still, I couldn't wait.
And actually, I really really enjoyed Belfast, its surrondings and the people there...
It's such a different atmosphere than in France, people are way nicer and more... free.
And there are pubs, old buildings, big shops, music and food everywhere, so nice!

That was my first contact with the Northern Irish culture and then, I met my cousin in law's family, I was a bit aprehensive because I had never ever met or even talked with any of them before but everything went smoothly and talking with everyone suddenly became so natural.
So we had lots of fun altogether and they praised my English and my accent too :D

Seems like I sound a lot British when I talk, they were a bit surprised.
So communication was really easy, they do have an accent (for me), but it's not as strong as the Scottish one.
English, Guinness, fun... what else could I have asked?!

I'll go back to Belfast and around again for sure, it's just that I don't when.
But now, I have to see Southern Ireland, I'm going to Dublin on April with a friend.
And you know, when I landed back in Paris, I felt down, CDG airport was messy like hell, people around me were not smiling and polite anymore at all, everybody was dressed the same, I just wanted to go back to Belfast.

Anyway, if you have the occasion to go to Northern Ireland one day, just go, it's totally worth it!
I really think that Northern Ireland is a lot underestimated, people often say that Eire is great but the North has a lot a charms too!

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