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Found on a bottle of orange juice bought in Sainsbury!
I guess I should drink more orange juice...

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I was trying to sort my pictures and I found some pretty ones.
I might post some pictures again later just to share .
Just click on the thumbnails to see them in bigger size.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The last one was taken in Highgate Hill, the "gothic" area of London.


I absolutely love this pic, I took it in Reading (UK, Berkshire)

Photobucket Photobucket


India as you can guess ♥

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Done, I've just finished to organise my trip to London/Reading.
My mother, my brother and a friend of his wants to visit London in March.
That's funny because I lived for 2 years next to London and they NEVER came to visit...
Anyway, it was the occasion to go bak to reading (where I lived and see some friends.

It's great because there are nice offers for Eurostar right now.
Let's just hope that we won't be stuck for hours like it happened some months ago.

My mother and the 2 guys will be going back to Paris on the 5th but I'll stay few more days ^^
I suppose I'll go to the Japanese Centre in London even if the place is teeny tiny.
And I'll take pictures for my thesis and I hope I can grab some new documents too.

I'll go alone in the end because my brother's friend can't come and my brother is just a stupid crybaby and doesn't wanna go anywhere without a friend, poor thing...
As if I waited for my friends to go to Spain or Greece when I was younger!
He has the occasion to travel and he xouldn't be alone since we would be with him, anyway...

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