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I've come back today from Belfast and I have to say I'm a bit sad now because I had such a wonderful time with wonderful people!
I'm really glad that my cousin is in a relationship with someone from abroad though she's been living in France for some years now.
And ow they have a cute and lovely baby girl, aw~

When my cousin called to invite us to the baptem in Belfast, I was really happy, I had never been to Ireland before!
I thought it'd be even greater if the ceremony was in Eire but still, I couldn't wait.
And actually, I really really enjoyed Belfast, its surrondings and the people there...
It's such a different atmosphere than in France, people are way nicer and more... free.
And there are pubs, old buildings, big shops, music and food everywhere, so nice!

That was my first contact with the Northern Irish culture and then, I met my cousin in law's family, I was a bit aprehensive because I had never ever met or even talked with any of them before but everything went smoothly and talking with everyone suddenly became so natural.
So we had lots of fun altogether and they praised my English and my accent too :D

Seems like I sound a lot British when I talk, they were a bit surprised.
So communication was really easy, they do have an accent (for me), but it's not as strong as the Scottish one.
English, Guinness, fun... what else could I have asked?!

I'll go back to Belfast and around again for sure, it's just that I don't when.
But now, I have to see Southern Ireland, I'm going to Dublin on April with a friend.
And you know, when I landed back in Paris, I felt down, CDG airport was messy like hell, people around me were not smiling and polite anymore at all, everybody was dressed the same, I just wanted to go back to Belfast.

Anyway, if you have the occasion to go to Northern Ireland one day, just go, it's totally worth it!
I really think that Northern Ireland is a lot underestimated, people often say that Eire is great but the North has a lot a charms too!


Aug. 24th, 2009 11:36 pm
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I'm baaaaaaaack!! Hehehe.
For those who didn't know, I was sick.
Well, I don't still feel very well but it's ok now.

I had a good time in Andorra, but it was more complicated in Barcelona.
I was supposed to spend 5 days in a renovated apartment in the town centre, but when we visited it...

No way we could stay there, so we had to find somewhere to stay.
Luckily, we knew a hotel where we went 2 years ago in Viladecans.
But we had plenty of little misfortunes there.
Maybe it was our karma XD

But I took some nice pictures, my favourite one is:


And I saw a cute poor little thing emprisonned in a cage


I spent my birthday in Andorra, 2 of my cousins bought me dinner and my parents offered me sunglasses.
Since it's Andorra, almost everything is less expensive, computer stuff and perfumes in particular so I bought Escale à Portofino and a new external hard drive of 1To for 80€ only!

I most importantly, I could drink Aquarius!!!!!!
Why don't they sell that in France?!

And let's fangirlize a bit...
I bought the Blu Ray of Crows Zero online since a French editor has released it.
Except that I didn't check when the DVD would be out because I assumed it would be the at the same time as the regular DVD.
But no, I'll ba able to see Yamada in super high quality in November only ç___ç
My LE Arashi Best Of in the way to my home, and I'm thinking of which Kanjani8 DVD I'm gonna buy...
Now I let you with the last song of SMAP in date ♥

Oh, and if you like K-Dramas, you can try Partner, I love it!
Second "oh", on Thursday on Arte, there'll be the film Fanaa, which is really good.
Don't miss it if you like the Bollywood style.

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I was trying to sort my pictures and I found some pretty ones.
I might post some pictures again later just to share .
Just click on the thumbnails to see them in bigger size.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The last one was taken in Highgate Hill, the "gothic" area of London.


I absolutely love this pic, I took it in Reading (UK, Berkshire)

Photobucket Photobucket


India as you can guess ♥

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Wow, X-mas is approaching and I can see that when I go to the supermarket, there are already toys and decorations on the shelves.
I think it's a bit too early but whatever, I know that some people prefer to buy presents in advance... which is not my case.
I never know what I'm gonna buy but this year, I have an idea for my mom.
So people, what can I buy for my father ??? I always struggle to find something for him.
And if my brother wanna give me something cheap, I'll suggest him an Arashi single XD
But otherwise, I don't want anything in particular.
A new TV would be nice cuz I think mine is becoming old, yeah it has a VCR integrated! (But dead).

What's new?
Still subbing Ryusei no Kizuna in French.
This drama is fun but some lines are difficult to translate @__@
And it'd be better if I knew Japanese better I guess.

Soooooo, tada~ I'm studying Japanese seriously again.
I didn't progress a lot these last few months but I'm really motivated, especially if I wanna go back to Japan.
I know that Japanese won't be of a big help for my job but I don't know, I like this language.
Well, I like foreign languages in general...

Apparently, I may go to Mexico in February, I don't know yet.
Last year, I was invited by some of my father's friends, to spend X-mas and New Year's Eve in India and it was the best X-mas break of my life and I didn't have to book any hotel...
I think that what I prefer in this country are the colours, it's so shiny and beautiful, immediately catch the eye.

But this time, I'm a bit afraid of going to Mexico (if I go) because I had a young teacher of Spanish who was Mexican, he really loved his city and everything but told us he left because it's very dangerous.
I remember he told us that people put a gun on his head 7 times to rob him and was attacked in a bus. TwT
I know that it's not always like that but... why did he have to say that ?! XD
The nice part is that I know Spanish so communication won't be a problem (I hope! Maybe my Spanish id very bad ^^")
And everyone there will feel my accent, argh! XD

Last thing for today... I want Musekinin Hero RE!! :D

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