Feb. 26th, 2010 04:54 pm
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I know I'll ineluctably forget this url...

This is to listen to SeoulFM on internet, I use iTunes but you can also use Winamp too.

Again & Again of 2PM is playing right now, I feel so sad for Hottests from all over the world.
I don't consider myself as a hard-core fan but I liked the group, they were original.
Oh, Intro + Heartbeat now, are they on a 2PM row cos of all this 2PM drama?

Hottests, I can only support you and I hope the truth can be put into light AT LAST!
I completely lost my faith in JYPE, they're a bunch of opportunists, liars and hypocrites, they hid too much from the fans.

Also, what strikes me the most is that nobody from JYPE (JYP or artists) is talking about the issue, they should say something instead of closing all their minihoompy, I mean fans feel betrayed, they wanna know, JYPE should play fair and square with them.

Gonna update tonight (maybe) on dramas and other more trivial things (or not).
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Oh, I've just realized I didn't show you something important, guys.
It totally rocks and I'm proud of my new title given by JK himself!

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Because I never get tired of this video XD
(Oh, one thing... I just LOVE cats ♥)

I'm real

Sep. 30th, 2009 10:49 pm
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I'm a real Korean now, I can use Clubbox!! XD
Since I couldn't remember my first CB ID, I created another one and did everything from the beginning.
And oh miracle, it worked!
So now, I'm downloading every possible thing with BIG BANG in it.
For Japanese Johnny's stuff, it's easier as almost everything is available through torrent or MU on LJs.
But for Korean videos, a lot of people use CB.

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Is anyone interested by a Dreamwidth invitation ?
I just got 2 codes to give away, they're looking for nice owners.
Comment if interested.
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Long time ago I used to go on IRC to chat with some friends.
Long time ago, I knew how to deal with mIRC.
But one day, I deleted all my programs, scripts, snippets...
End of IRC sessions for me and erased that from my memory.

And some days ago I read on SARS' Twitter that they'll release the Gokusen Movie on IRC only.
OK, it's not like I'm interested by that movie but I know they'll sub the Nodame one.
And I ABSOLUTELY need the watch/burn this one!
A bit later, SBK Fansubs announced that they'll release their episodes only on torrent and IRC from now on.
Torrents are not a problem for, I've been using that protocol for ages now, but if downloading via IRC will be faster, I'd use IRC.
(Plus, the law in France is still unclear about illegal downloads, sanctions, trackers so the less I use Azureus, the better it is)

[personal profile] shigusa and me decided to re-download mIRC and we managed to get some episodes from SARS' channel.
I can be lazy with technology sometimes so I told her to try and then explain everything to me XD
But now I remember all the "options" I had before and I so miss my old scripts (some of them don't exist anymore).

This entry just to say I can use IRC! XD

P.S: I'm posting from Dreamwidth, yay!
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I mentioned a bit earlier that I had opened a Dreamwidth and a Twitter account.
Here is my DW journal and this is my Twitter page.

I'm testing those two at the moment, I'm so curious...
But if you wanna "follow me" or give me your profile name so I can stalk keep in touch with you, no problem, you can put it in a comment here / PM me / send me an e-mail.
Oh and while we're at it, my Lastfm.

*Off to study now*

P.S: The crossposting option on DW / LJ is a great great great thing!
But I noticed that I don't receive notifications when people comment on my LJ on an entry made on DW...

New account

Jun. 1st, 2009 02:47 pm
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I've just discovered Dreamwidth thanks to [personal profile] snorkey who sent me an invitation.
Well, I'm testing and exploring the thing and it's nice.
But it seems that I don't understand how to keep an LJ layout on DW.

I hesitate to import my LJ old entries here because I read it's irreversible.

Well, well, well... I may use DW more than LJ in a near future so I'm gonna import my friends list at least.

Oh and one day, I'll also use my Twitter account XD
I created my account there on April but there's still nothing in it.


Apr. 9th, 2009 12:00 am
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For those who can't understand this, it's just a poster about a law which has just been voted in France by 16 deputees out of 577.
It concerns the different ways to share and download licenced materiel on the internet.
OK, I can understand that the artists want us to buy their films/music but the measures adopted by the government are really unconstitutional and it's really easy to by-pass them actually.

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