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  • BIG BANG 's come back delays
  • Potential too overwhelming presence of autotune on upcoming BIG BANG album
  • Not having been able to see the Wonder Girls in Cannes
  • Not being in Paris while Vanness Wu is there
  • Waiting for the last 2 eps of Gumiho
  • Where's Gahee's solo activity Pledis!?
  • Having to work on Saturdays
  • Not being able to find a Japanese course in my region
  • That iPods can be synchronized on only ONE computer
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A 45-minute episode is way to short, I love Glee, I absolutely love this series!
The new characters look fun, especially Sunshine played by Charice.
Her voice is like a miracle on this planet but I still don't like her strange gestures when she sings, I think it's odd xD
The new coach is also a good suprise, seems like we're gonna have good time and hilarious confrontations with Sue.

There's still the humor à la Glee that I loved in the first season.
And... Harry Shum Jr, you're a god of the dance ♥
(aka Elastic Man, aka Mike Chang/Other Asian on Glee)

Now highlight if you wanna see my impressions on the first episode, I don't wanna spoil anyone.

The beginning was just great with all the interviews from the ugly blog guy, I particularly loved Tina's intervention.
My second favorite moment was when Sunshine and Rachel sang in the restooms and suddenly, Sue barged into and shouted "Shut Up!", that was hilarious.
As I read almost nothing about this new season to preserve the surprise, I didn't expect at all the arrival of a new" female" coach.
I can't wait to see next Thursday's episode Britney/Brittany, I know it's gonna be epic!
And we'll see Uncle Jessie playing Emma's boyfriend.

Drama talk now! )
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This time, I won't talk about Japanese or Korean, nor any other Asian related stuff actually.
No, today's about an American TV series I've just discovered: Glee.

Okay, normally I'm not fond -at all- of series with teenagers who are going to school because I get bored very easily.
I did watch some though, but at that time, I was in high school myself, like when I was watching Buffy.

Since I saw some very good reviews about Glee, I thought I'd give another chance to that kind of series and...
Well, I have to say that I like it... I mean, very much :D

It's not exceptionnal but I like the narration, the originality of the characters, all the comedy and drama sides as well.
I think this is the kind of TV series that exactly meets my expectations when I wanna watch something entertaining.
And... I love choirs, I don't even know why... (I enjoyed Sister Act 2 so much a long time ago xD)

The mix of singing and acting reminds me of Bollywood films where the songs all have a meaning.
(Yeah, I've been madly in love with the Bollywood style since I'm 11 I think when I watched Raja Hindustani).

I like Mr. Schue, he's funny and his voice and dancing skills are totally wow!
And I have 2 favorite duos: Artie / Tina and Kurt / Mercedes.
The guy playing Mike, aka Other Asian (xD) can REALLY dance, OMG!
Sue is an awesome character, always composed and trying to take the glee club down.
I like the Indian principal too, he has some funny moments.

I think now you can say I'm a Gleek...


Nov. 3rd, 2008 04:07 am
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I made a new icon just because I LOVE Ryo's haircut in the BJ perf on Musekinin Hero DVD!
There's another one where we can see his hair better.

He's so funny like that X3
I think I'm gonna iconize the perf of TORN next.

It's been one week now that George and me are cohabiting together and he's very nice with me 'til now.
Yeah, it's kinda geek to give a name to a laptop but... anyway, all my things have a name actually.
The previous one was named Piticot (Romanian which means "little midget" XD).

Oh I'm re-watching American TV series now and Ugly Betty is still a lot of fun.
Recently, I watch the whole season 4 of House M.D and it was just great, I didn't really liked the previous ones because I can't stand Foreman and Cameron, the new team is way better.
Heroes has improved in season 3, I'm glad of it because season 2 was just crap.
If you wanna try something original, you may have a look on Pushing Daisies.

Well, looks that I didn't have anything to write tonight so I'm gonna watch something.

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