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I'm chilled to the bones, really!
It's so cold here, it's even snowing now.
Snow is fun when you see it when you wake and then you realize you have to go to work...
But it wasn't the case for me today ah ah ah XD
I'm free until Monday but I'm preparing my next lessons for my students.

Tonight, I realized I used to write pretty often some months ago.
Maybe I'm too busy with my classes and my dramas~~~
Oh, I'm re-watching "My Girl", the SBS Korean drama, it's still awesome.
The Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook couple is just perfect, I hope I can see them reunited in another drama one day.
"My Girl" is my favourite K-Dramas, one of my favourite dramas actually.
Now, "Smile, you" is on the same way, I love that drama too!

Hey, have you listened to Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry - Answer"?
I think they could do 10 remix of that song, I'd love them all.
Their voices are really no joke and I fell in love with Yesung again~
It's funny because I didn't really like him when I discovered the group.
Kyu Hyun's voice is also astonishing, he's just went up in my personnal ranking.

I have so many things to watch on my HD...
AST has released subs for the Yatterman movie.
I have to catch up with Arashi's TV shows.
East of Eden is eating my life, so is X-Man.
And I need to finish some other dramas i've begun.

Oh I read that Aoi's gonna play in a new movie!
I can't wait to see it cause I love that girl, she's so cute >_<

I needed to share it XD
Wanna laugh again, watch SS501 speaking English on Youtube!

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