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J'avais commencé ce karaoké lorsque le DVD est sorti et puis, je sais pas, j'ai eu la flemme de le terminer xD
Enfin bref, ce soir je me suis dit que j'avais rien à faire et puis, je ne travaille pas demain...

Alors oui, là c'est du karaoké parce que le japonais c'est carrément plus facile à karaokéter vu que c'est une langue qui marche en syllabes.
Note à moi-même : me réinscrire en japonais dans les mois à venir aussi...

C'est pas mon solo préféré de Ryo, mais j'aime beaucoup quand même.

Vidéo protégée par mot de passe, se référer ici pour l'obtenir.
Si vous avez déjà les accès, cliquez ici.

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I'm writing in English here so that everyone can understand.
I made 2 karaokes and translated the songs from the last Shounen Club Premium where Eito appeared.
The translations are in French, but you can find the English ones at [livejournal.com profile] ynaoblivious  and [livejournal.com profile] aishitsuzukeru.
Those 2 people were kind enough to allow me to retranslate those 2 songs in French to spread some Eito ♥

So you can take this if you want to improve your French.
And if you can't understand what's written, you can always song along with the karaoke.

Petit(e)s français(es) qui liront ceci...
Encore une fois, la traduction n'est pas littérale par rapport à ce que vous avez pu lire dans les traductions anglaises.
J'ai parfois retouché quelques trucs en me basant sur les paroles en japonais ou quelques fois rendu le texte plus poétique.

avi version: MU // MF Part 1 - MF Part 2
mp4 version: MU // MF

+ No reupload (links can be reposted though)
+ No streaming
+ Comments are ♥

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Well for this song, English speakers don't need a translation, so this is a simple karaoke if you wanna sing along with Ryo, Baru and Tacchon without looking for some retranscription cause you don't get all the words ^^

The PV is zipped because I don't wanna see it on Megavideo.

Avi version:  MU // MF
mp4 version: MU // MF

If someone's willing to make a translation in any other language, I can re-encode the video.
Just PM me your translation and I'll inlay it with the karoke.

+ No reupload (links can be reposted though)
+ No streaming
+ Comments are ♥

For French speakers now.

Bon, puisque la traduction est une de mes spécialités et parfois même mon travail IRL, je pense que j'ai fait un travail plutôt soigné cette fois vu qu'il s'agit d'une traduction directe.
J'aime beaucoup traduire les chansons parce que ça demande pas mal de travail niveau adaptation, alors ne vous étonnez pas si ce n'est pas une traduction super super littérale, j'ai préféré donner du sens à la chanson plutôt que d'aligner des mots qui ensemble, ne veulent pas dire grand chose ou enlèvent le côté poétique.

Le PV est zippé parce que je ne veux pas le retrouver sur Megavideo.

Ah oui, je retente une entrée non protégée par mot de passe parce que c'est un PV, mais si je retrouve la vidéo sur des sites de streaming, j'arrêterai les releases non protégées et l'accès sera filtré.

Version Avi : MU // MF
Version mp4 : MU // MF

+ Pas de réupload (les liens peuvent être repostés par contre)
+ Pas de streaming
+ Les commentaires sont ♥

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Please, stop me!!! I keep making karaokes XD

Arashi - Beautiful Days PV
Kanjani8 - Eden @ Shounen Club Premium

I'm gonna work on Utada Hikaru's "Prisoner of Love" and "Konayuki" by Remioromen and I'll take a break.
But I'll probably make a karaoke for code (a Ryo song :p) one day~
I still don't know if I'll use a performance from the Shounen Club (this one) or the one from The Pacific Tour.

OK, less than one month to go before X-Mas, weather is depressing in France (well, at least in Normandy) and I gotta work.
Good thing: I completely tidied my working desk, a lot of stuff ended in my bin.

I tried to reinstall my all-in-one HP printer but doesn't work because I upgraded to Vista with my new laptop, f**k!
So I need to find and install some drivers I think but I'm sooooo lazy.
I guess I'll do it when I'll ready need to print something :D

Today, my mother kept watching the news on TV because of what happened in India.
India and Thailand 2 countries I particularly like and it's strange to see that the situation isn't good there at the same time.
Of course, I knew that India isn't the peaceful country Western people usually think it is but it always saddens me when something like yesterday night happens.
But don't think bad of Thailand, it's really a wonderful country and I was really surprised when I went there.

Well, enough for today ^___^


Nov. 23rd, 2008 06:31 am
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Well... well... er... wanna another karaoke? :D

Something I wanted to do for a long time now and gave a shot yesterday.
It was looong and painful XD
First time using automations with aegisub, so I had to figure out which code corresponded with which effect @___@
But here is Torn, Japanese characters, romaji and French translation (MU link).

I can provide a version without the French translation if you want.

Still not perfect but I think it's OK cuz I learnt houw to do that quite quickly at the end.

Note: The song is called Torn because of the 2 guys' names, they wrote the song together.

Geek time!

Nov. 21st, 2008 02:32 pm
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Okay, I have loads of stuff to do, tons of documents to read and big amounts of videos to watch but... I dunno exactly why, I wanted to try to make a karaoke.

Well, I knew the theory cuz I read pages on the subject but always was lazy to try.
So for my first karaoke, I chose one of Ryo's solos from NEWS latest album, yeah I took "Ordinary" (see entry before).
I have the last aegisub version but there's something I can't figure out... the automation, how am I supposed to do effects with version of the software?!
So there are none in this one XD

I manage to put the Japanese characters, rômaji and the French translation \o/
I noticed a mistake "parmi la lueur des feux", I should've written "parmi les lueurs des feux" instead.
That's great cuz I wasn't sure the kanjis and kanas would encode well TwT

For my next karaoke project, I plan to make the karaoke of TORN.
I'll do 2 versions, one with karaoke only (and maybe English translation), then with the French translation (well, if I can translate the song~)

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