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I need that effin' awesome pamphlet from the 8UPPERS tour, GOSH!
Eito all look gorgeous and if you have watched the movie, you know what I mean.

Lately, I listen to their album a lot while driving (can't drive without music!).
It's not a "real" album and it's not an OST at the same time, it's a kind of mix and that's what I appreciate.

I love good OSTs, I believe that good music really serve a movie and even more, can magnify it.
But sometimes, when you listen to just the OST, it doesn't feel "right", something's missing: pictures.
I like OSTs that can live by themselves, I mean when you don't have to remember the scenes to appreciate the music.
For instance, I liked the OST of "Inception", I listened to it but didn't manage to really appreciate it.
On the contrary, that's not the case for the OST of "L'Auberge espagnole" (distributed as The Spanish Apartment" abroad).

So now you can understand why I like the 8UPPERS album, it's not only instrumental and it fits the movie quite well.
Nevertheless, "Wonderful World" sounds a bit out of place here, but whatever...

As for the solos, I like them all but of course my preference goes to Ryotan's one.
I don't really know why but I ALWAYS love the songs he composes, every one of the them, my favorite being "Code".

And in the movie, my favorite character was Arsenal I think.
I couldn't resist to Subaru's facial expressions and there's actually a reason for his cold attitude.
Maru was astoning for the fight scenes, my eyes were sparkling like crazy.
And  when I saw Ryo half naked, I immediately thought "wow, this is fan service!" XD

The movie is not exceptional and is a bit too short to my taste, the characters deserved better introductions for the story.
But as I already said, the music blends well, and the photography of the movie was good too.

All this to say that I need that pamphlet~

The Eight

Nov. 4th, 2010 10:10 am
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Ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas subbé autre chose d'un clip musical.
J'ai donc retrouvé les joies du timing, beurk...

À la base, je voulais traduire le film des Kanjani8 pour moi, mais finalement, je me suis dit "Pourquoi pas partager ?".
J'ai demandé à [livejournal.com profile] enshinge de [livejournal.com profile] o_e_subs si c'était possible et elle a très gentiment accepté.

L'histoire n'est pas compliquée, mais le tout fonctionne plutôt bien et la musique est placée juste comme il faut.
Quant à la photographie, j'aime beaucoup le style employé, les plans couleurs sont bien gérés.
Il y a bien sûr des scènes mémorables, mais bon, j'en dis pas plus.

Attention, ça pourra peut-être en "choquer" certain(e)s, j'ai voulu retranscrire le fait qu'ils parlent un japonais relâché dans le film, donc certaines négations et quelques mots sont passés à la trappe.
J'ai traduit les dialogues à la façon dont on parlerait à leur place.

Maintenant, quelques règles...
- Pas de streaming SVP, les copyrights J. Ent. sont très surveillés en ce moment.
- Ne pas réuploader, redirigez plutôt vers cette entrée.
- Pas d'altération des sous-titres avec ré-encodage...
- Et ne pas donner le mot de passe à "l'extérieur".

8UPPERS - The movie [1280x720]
MEGAUPLOAD ou MEGAUPLOAD (lien alternatif)
RAPIDSHARE : Partie 1 - Partie 2

La vidéo est compressée en .rar pour ne pas se retrouver sur Megavideo.
Pour obtenir le mot de passe, mettez en surbrillance la ligne suivante.

Bon film !


Sep. 22nd, 2010 11:37 pm
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I did plenty of things since my return in Normandy but nothing worth to be said here so I didn't update my LJ.

Now, 2NE1 have returned and I was scared their album would be too electronic and my fears were definitely justified.
First listening... didn't make a very good impression on me but I kept playing the songs.
Few hours after, I was already singing parts of Clap Your Hands, Go Away, Can't Nobody and Hurts...
Conclusion: the songs apparently got struck in my head so I guess it was a winning comeback for me.
And CL is looking freakin awesome with blond hair!

I can't wait for BIG BANG's comeback in Korea, I want to see them already >_<
Their latest song in Japanese is kinda addictive, I love it, or maybe i'm being too impatient and like everything they release.
Also watched the ending of Nineteen and TOP was singing. Awww~

I've begun to watch Running Man, the new show hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and it's not bad but still not exceptional.
But I'm glad to see my cutie-pie Song Joong Ki even more ♥_♥
Gary and Gwang Soo are very funny too.
The episode with Cha Tae Hyun as a guest was absolutely hilarious.

Oh new addictions, the first one is a well-known Korean rock Band named YB.
I love the leader's voice and the melodies of the songs, try Still You.
I actually discovered this group thanks to the 2nd addiction: LeeSsang, try The girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave.
Since Gary and Gil (the members of the groups) were so funny on TV shows, I decided to listen to their music.
The last album they've released, Hegonal, is pure awesomess!
And now LeeSsang feat. YB with Run.

And no news of After School Gahee solo activity, WTF!

K8 are gonna release a new album and... a film... with ALL the members!
I think their my only big Japanese/Johnny's fandom now.
I still watch some Arashi-related stuff but less and less.

On a more personal note, 2 newborn cousins, 1 boy and 1 girl and 1 coming pretty soon.
I'm still working teaching English and Spanish and I'm gathering new materials to do better courses.
The only thing I don't like in my job is that I'm not free on Saturdays.
Ok, off to watch brand new episode of Glee now ♫

Gonna talk about dramas in next entry.
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Hi everyone, I hope that you're spending a nice Summer and the lucky ones who are on holidays... ENJOY~

I'm sorry for having neglected this LJ for several months already, I guess that my life is not that interesting xD

Anyway, just wanted to you that August is gonna be a busy busy time for me so I won't post here a lot I think (except if I'm too bored at work :D).

Not related at all but... Club 8 has "opened" its door!!!
I couldn't understand everything on the note, it's about some rules for the club...
I'll patiently wait for a translation now.

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I changed my 1st post banner because the colors of the BSX ad go better with my header, yeah just for this simple reason ^^

Last week, I went to see Avatar... at last.
The 3D experience was incredible but I think it's really not the movie to see when you've never tested the 3D glasses...
It took me a long time to get used to these damn glasses, first because I have a perspective problem so it wasn't easy for me, and since I have a tiny asian nose (XD), the big glasses kept sliding.
Anyway, it was great and I don't care if the story is like a copy of Pocahontas, it was really beautiful!

I've begun to read Tablo's Pieces of you, it's really well written... it's Tablo of course.
I'm in the middle of the 2nd story right now and I thinking about using some passages of the book for my English classes.
Well yeah, Tablo's writting style is good, full of poetry and there are feelings in the stories.

Today's Lunar new year's eve in France and I'm doing nothing in particular.
It's strange because when I was living in England, I used to celebrate it with some Asian friends, we cooked a lot of things...
This year, I think I'm gonna prepare some stuff by myself, maybe I'll go to Paris to see the festivities, I don't know.

Fangirly speaking... I watched eps 7, 8, 9 and 10 of 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku.
This drama is really simple but very original so I like it a lot.
And the way how the next guests are introduces is well done, I can't wait to see Hina's eps now!

Bloody Monday 2 is waaaaaaay better than season 1 imo!
Well, for the moment... I've just watched the first 2 eps for the moment.
Miura's acting is better, thanks god cuz I was beginning to wonder if he was really an actor >.>
There's no idle-times and the ends of each episode are great.

I finished to watch Smile, damn that one was loooooooong!
The story was good, I mean the drama talked about real problems but I got so bored.

That was for the Japanese side, now Korean time!
And of course, I'm gonna talk a bit about Smile, you!!
This drama is just great, you experience a whole range of emotions xhen you watch it.
Anger, hatred, joy, happiness, laugh, romantism, cheesiness, passion, cries... in almost each episode.
It's definitely my fav K-Drama with My Girl (Korean version of course).

Oh, I recently watched Cass new CF, you know the long version with YEH and Nichkhun and i discovered "Tik Tok" and... I love the song! ♥
I had never listened to ot before and seriously, I was soooooo wrong.

I still haven't finished to watch all the X-Man eps I have but I can see the end!
In some of the last eps, there's Baek Ji Young and I want to be friend with her, she looks so funny!
When I could see her in the background while the camera was on others, she was really having fun with the other candidates, she was talking and taking in her arms the younger Japanese/Korean idol (?) Ayumi, so sweet.

I also watched a big part of the videos on the Map The Soul Youtube account...
Seriously, those guys are hilarious and I now present you my new alarm message.
Tablo posted a pic a Tukutz few days ago, he was on vacation and came to the studio to say hello to the others.
At the moment, I realized that I really miss him in the group, so if you feel the same, just watch that XD

Sorry for no LJ cut, and I leave you with this.
Oh and just... I need to say that... K8 are getting their first national TV show! ♥
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My K-Pop addiction managed to make me forget a bit about my Johnny's addiction, I have to confess...
Now, groups like BIG BANG, 2NE1 or Epik High have a bigger place than Arashi, TOKIO, Kinki Kids and SMAP in my life.
But when I watch some Kanjani8 perfs of TV shows, I'm all excited and I've realized I'll never stop fangirlize over those guys, they're too precious to me =3

If I had to choose only one fandom on each side, I'd definitely keep Kanjani8 for the Japanese side and BIG BANG would be their Korean counterpart.
But I have to say that my love for Epik High is growing more and more every day and I can't wait for MYK's solo album!

And Tablo is a genius.
This is something he wrote on Twitter, a blonote as he calls them.

"A period that shed a tear becomes a comma; a comma that gathers its tear becomes a period."

I have my own interpretation of this sentence, maybe you have yours too and we can share ^^

I understand it this way:
When you can't turn the page after a painful experience, when you can't forget something, you just can't put a period at the end of your story because it's still hurting, for you it's not the end yet, you may cry a lot again and again and it seems endless... You definitely can't put a period and begin another story.
Then, when you feel better, when you're able to heal and maybe forget those painful times, you dry your tears and you can end the story peacefully, you don't need to remember the past anymore, you don't suffer anymore like before, you're able to move forward and to put a period at the end of that particular story to begin a new one.
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Oh please, slap me because I watched Kanjani8 and Ryo's performances at the Shounen Club Premium only today.
As usual, SCP performances are awesome but Ryo's version of "Akireru Kurai Bokura Ha Negaou" (which is a song of TOKIO, you know the B-Side of the single "Amagasa").

It totally blew my mind.
See by yourself.

Ahhh Ryo, I shouldn't neglect you because of my K-Pop addiction~
But he's still my ichiban so it's ok.

Oh, I saw the results of the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the repartition of the awards was fairly good.
2PM deserved to get some for sure so I'm glad they won twice and I hope they'll get their spirit high with that.
What they said was touching, especially when they talked about Jay.
Taecyeon kinda fills the vacant place of the leader, he's like a spokeman now.
Of course, he'll never be the leader, the fans would never aknowledge that and even I would be against that decision.
Wooyoung crying was just... heartbreaking.

I'm also happy for 2NE1's victories, if 2009 was 2PM's year for the male side, 2NE1 is definitely their counterparts!
And when 2PM won the Best Artist of the Year award, they began to cry.
G-Dragon, on his side, knew that 2PM would won even before it was announced.
Ah Jo-young, congrats to you too, and he even brought a well grown up Gaho!

And the appearance of 3 DBSK members was strange.
I'm not a fan but they looked so... tired of the dispute with SM Ent.
Gosh, I'm so fed up with the scandals, the disputes, the netizens interventions, the harsh and unfair criticisms...
Please 2010, bring peace in Korean entertainment.
I'm glad there's no such thing in the eito world right now.
I'd fall apart if something like would happen to them, really...

Still watching "You're Beautiful", "IRIS" and "Smile, you".
I'm so addicted to those 3 dramas even though they're really different.
And dear god... I even ordered a Pig-Rabbit! XD
Thanks god, I'm a VIA at WithS2, I can get the subs faster.
Now since I watched all the Family Outing subbed, I've begun the X-Man.

Now, I'm looking for a new TV since mine is tiny and getting really old.
I want some Full HD stuff because I wanna see Ryo, Eito, BIG BANG and my dramas in True HD *w*
Yeah, I watch everything in HQ if I can, it's so much better.

Ok, let's watch some drama now /o/
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Let's fangirlize a bit people~

I watched Kanjani8's MSta talk and performance and it was great.
The talk was totally LOL, and I was surprised to see I could understand most of it actually.
So this means my Japanese has slightly improved, yay for me \o/
And I got used to the hair, now I even find them pretty funny and cute this way.
Now, I still have to watch the Puzzle DVD bonuses since it has been translated ♥

Their new song and PV is original and I like it, I like when artist are able to renew their work...
That's why NEWS seems so boring to me lately, it's always the same again and again.
But I think their last concert is worth to be watched because they performed some songs they don't usually.
Yeah, I especially talking about "Why?" which is one of my favourite songs of them (on Weeek LE).
Shige's PV is total crack with epic cosplay and his voice got better, no?
"code" isn't an original PV but whatever, I just love that song.
I tried to listen to Tegoshi's version of "Ai Nante" but no... just NO!
It's like he got rid of all the emotion of the song, the trio version is so much better IMO!
I didn't even bother to watch Koyama and Yamapi's PVs (even though I like Koyama and "Love Addiction"), I just didn't want to.
And for those who know me well, you know I have Yamapi issues XD

G-Dragon has just released another MV and yeah, it's "Boy" meaning m y favourite song on his album.
I'm a bit disappointed with the MV, I thought it'd be more like "Heartbreaker" or "Breathe", anyway...
Oh we can even see him when he was 13 or something like that, I already saw him rapping when he was young in the BIG BANG documentary, it was the same images.

Now I'm waiting for Taeyang's next MV, "Wedding Dress" because the preview sounded awesome in "Where U at".
And after that, well long after that I thgink, it'll be Tabi's turn to release a solo digital single~
Talking about solos... Park Bom's one is cute, well the MV in particular.
I'm so in love with the scenes of the X'mas tree and of the sketchbook at the end.

2PM's new album is to be released soon and all the songs are already available to download.
I just don't like how JYP's using the Hottests' ideas, he totally stole the concept of 1:59PM.
Obviously he wants money money and is trying to manipulate all the fans (especially the pro-boycotters.
He says this and that but it's bullshit I think, this guy can't even keep a promise.

What's going in the K-Pop side of the force, damn!
DBSK, 2PM, BIG BANG, Super Junior... Who's the next now?

Thanks God, there's still SS501.
I don't really know that group but I love the new song "Love like this", it's so punchy!
I even created my own choregraphy and all, well it's mostly freestyle XD
And don't forget to download the new Epik High song if you're a fan, it's good I swear.

BIG BANG is in Japan right now, promoting "Koe wo Kikasete" (Ohitorisama theme song) and I just love to see TOP not being able to speak Japanese XD
This guy is unique, first because of his voice, then with his personnality, he's such a dork actually.
Just look at that 8D
His choice was... surprising and Taeyang's message was funny "Please, let's friends" XD
Daesung's Japanese has really improved I think even though he's not fluent.
Seung Ri's trying hard but too much, I can't really understand him when he speaks...

Talking about dramas in next entry ^__^
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I changed my LJ layout, I like the banner better and the colours (yes, with a "u" XD) are more like Summer.
But I'm stll not used to it, everytime I go on my Friends page, I'm a bit surprised because Ryo's gone.
I wanted to make it a bit more little but actually, it looks fine this way (or I think) and I quite proud of the result.

Soon, I'll be on holiday, yeah~
I'm going to Andorra (Arinsal to be more precise) and then Barcelona! \o/
You can't imagine how much I love that city...

Still on a drama spree, this summer will be a K-Dramas one, that's rare!

I think we need a little update here )

Oh, I received my Kanjani8 goods!


I'm hesitating now, since the DVD of the Puzzle tour and their next single are officially announced, I don't know if I'll buy the Arashi pamphlet and the Aiba clearfile... I'll see that later.
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He he he, [livejournal.com profile] newscasterbambi gave me yesterday the Tacchon she had ordered for me months ago.
Well, we couldn't meet before and we had almost forgotten about it.
This is wrong, I shall not forget Kanjani8!
Two of my favourite pages.


Nice Friday and Saturday, it was great, celebrating a birthday, seeing some good friends, Paris, fangirling over Kanjani8, SMAP and Shingo Mama... ♥
Shingo Mama no Oha Rock!

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It's time I gave my impressions on Puzzle, Kanjani8's new album.
When the name for it was released I was "Huh, why that name?"
But now that I know the concept, saw the packaging... I really like it.
As I didn't want to be influenced by what I could read, I didn't look at the titles the first time I listened to the abums.

Impressions on each song, nagai desu! :p )
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I'm writing in English here so that everyone can understand.
I made 2 karaokes and translated the songs from the last Shounen Club Premium where Eito appeared.
The translations are in French, but you can find the English ones at [livejournal.com profile] ynaoblivious  and [livejournal.com profile] aishitsuzukeru.
Those 2 people were kind enough to allow me to retranslate those 2 songs in French to spread some Eito ♥

So you can take this if you want to improve your French.
And if you can't understand what's written, you can always song along with the karaoke.

Petit(e)s français(es) qui liront ceci...
Encore une fois, la traduction n'est pas littérale par rapport à ce que vous avez pu lire dans les traductions anglaises.
J'ai parfois retouché quelques trucs en me basant sur les paroles en japonais ou quelques fois rendu le texte plus poétique.

avi version: MU // MF Part 1 - MF Part 2
mp4 version: MU // MF

+ No reupload (links can be reposted though)
+ No streaming
+ Comments are ♥

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Well for this song, English speakers don't need a translation, so this is a simple karaoke if you wanna sing along with Ryo, Baru and Tacchon without looking for some retranscription cause you don't get all the words ^^

The PV is zipped because I don't wanna see it on Megavideo.

Avi version:  MU // MF
mp4 version: MU // MF

If someone's willing to make a translation in any other language, I can re-encode the video.
Just PM me your translation and I'll inlay it with the karoke.

+ No reupload (links can be reposted though)
+ No streaming
+ Comments are ♥

For French speakers now.

Bon, puisque la traduction est une de mes spécialités et parfois même mon travail IRL, je pense que j'ai fait un travail plutôt soigné cette fois vu qu'il s'agit d'une traduction directe.
J'aime beaucoup traduire les chansons parce que ça demande pas mal de travail niveau adaptation, alors ne vous étonnez pas si ce n'est pas une traduction super super littérale, j'ai préféré donner du sens à la chanson plutôt que d'aligner des mots qui ensemble, ne veulent pas dire grand chose ou enlèvent le côté poétique.

Le PV est zippé parce que je ne veux pas le retrouver sur Megavideo.

Ah oui, je retente une entrée non protégée par mot de passe parce que c'est un PV, mais si je retrouve la vidéo sur des sites de streaming, j'arrêterai les releases non protégées et l'accès sera filtré.

Version Avi : MU // MF
Version mp4 : MU // MF

+ Pas de réupload (les liens peuvent être repostés par contre)
+ Pas de streaming
+ Les commentaires sont ♥

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I will resist to the temptation! I am strong-willed!

I watched only one CM for the release of Kanjani8's new album and I didn't listen any of the previews/songs played during radio shows...
But I can't wait to receive my albums actually, still few weeks!!!
Yeah, I preordered both LE and RE, I am so weak when it comes to bonus xD

In compensation, I'll watch "The Quiz Show" with Yoko and Sho, ohhh awesomeness.
I'm currently watching the first season of this drama and it's really interesting, so different.
I'm glad that Arashi's singing the theme song (well, I hope that one day K8 will do that!).
Yoko will perfect for the Evil producer role, it'll be great because I love when he play a "badass".

I couldn't watch lots of things lately, I'm kinda busy (ohhhh f*cking thesis).
So I'm on a mini drama-break, I'm still watching stuff but less.
Yesterday, I finished the Door to Door SP with Nino and we can hate or love him but he's definitely a very good actor.

And now I'm thinking that I wanna see K8 in more dramas TwT...

Ooooh big news, Kimu will play in a drama next season, yay!
And don't forget to watch NEWS' last PV! xD
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I received my long awaited Spring pamphlet!

Photobucket Photobucket

I had already seen the scan but the real thing is completely wonderful!
Another item to my small pamphlet collection.

I'm so glad that the colour of the 08 goods was yellow because it has always been my favourite colour.
(Yeah, even before knowing Ryotan!)

I'll put pictures of the goods I have when I'll receive the last items I ordered.
Yes, I'm weak and I bought some Ryo and Aiba clearfiles.

But the question is...
One day, I might stop being a fangirl so...
What I'm gonna do with all that stuff if that happens? XD

Last thing, Arashi related.
Listen to the song Sirius from the Dream "A" Live album.
This song is really wonderful.

Oh and I've just realized something!
The girl who plays Akane in Uta no Onii-san is the singer of GIRL NEXT DOOR!!!
The only song of them I know is Jounetsu no Daishou because it was the insert song of the drama Giragira (which is quite a good drama I think).
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I re-scanned the K8 and NEWS pics of the January issue of Potato earlier than I thought.
New pages added in the K8 and NEWS folders by the way.
I also added Arashi, Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, KAT-TUN, Hey Say Jump, Ryusei no Kizuna, Uchi Hiroki, Ikuta Toma and Sato Takeru pages.
Scans are nicely cut this time.

Kanjani8: MU // MF
MU // MF
MU // MF
Ryusei no Kizuna:
MU // MF
Kinki Kids
MU // MF
Tackey & Tsubasa:
MU // MF
Hey Say Jump: MU // MF
Uchi Hiroki:
MU // MF
Ikuta Toma:
MU // MF
Sato Takeru:
MU // MF

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Dec. 27th, 2008 11:20 pm
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I couldn't find any scans for the January issue of Potato so I bought it since I was on Paris today.
The pages are roughly scanned because I'm really lazy tonight!
So I might do better scans when I'll be brave enough.
Same goes for Arashi, T&T, Kinki Kids and Ryusei no Kizuna related pages.

(Better versions in this entry)

MU links:

MF links
(thanx to [profile] aquariia )

+ Can be used for graphics
+ Credits are appreciated but not compulsory
+ Do NOT re-upload
+ Links can be reposted though
+ Comments are ♥
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Last entry before I go to visit my relatives in another part of Normandy.
So I'll let Eito wishing you a merry X'mas for me ^^
I may post a little something with my cellphone later.
Nengo no kyou no hi mo
You can even download the song with this link ^^
And more important, you can hear Uchi singing!!


Dec. 23rd, 2008 05:10 am
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Oops, I'm still awake and it's already past 5.30 am, hum hum...
I was absorbed in my Japanese study books and didn't realize what time it was.
When it comes to study Japanese, I don't care about anything around me.
(Same goes for dramas XD)
I'm still a beginner, I still have a huge amount of lessons in my book to overcome but...

(Ah ah, I sound like Subaru in the PV of Musekinin Hero!)

I'm learning on my own so sometimes I'm really over-active or... slack, depends on the days.
Anyway, I'm more efficient than when I studied Chinese.
It wasn't a waste of time but I barely can remember 5 complex sentences I think.

Tomorrow, I'll go to buy my very last X'mas presents in Evreux, horrible town in Normandy.
If one day, by chance, you wanna visit Normandy... just don't come where I live!
But it's not far from Paris by train though and I really appreciate that.
Because to me, Paris = Japanese "arrondissement" (I think we would call that "district" in English) = fangirlising, eating okonomiyaki/ramen, Chinese district which is more an asian district now.

But the prices are @__@, especially for the magazines.
Sometimes I go to Junkudo or Book Off for fangirl purposes and see what are the best shootings for Kanjani8, but ONE magazine costs more than 10€.
Well, when I lived in the UK, I often went to the Japanese Centre where it was even more expensive.

Ahhh, I didn't watch the 3rd episode of Can!Jani subbed by EKA and it's late now (or really early) and I think I should get some sleep.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 03:18 pm
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I've totally fallen in the Arashi fandom again after er... one year I think.
I've been watching all their emissions for several weeks now.
And their last single is awesome, I'll definitely buy their next album (who knows when it might be...)

As I'm also watching and translating Ryusei no Kizuna, I hear Mika Nakashima's song very often and got used to it.
Now, I can say I like her song "Orion" and I'll probably make a karaoke version of the PV later.
Everytime I listen to this song, I think "ahhh, this tune sounds so sad TwT".

Hum, I watched something on Youtube on Uchi Hiroki's concerts.
Seems like it went well and I'm glad of it.
I REALLY hope he can re-join Kanjani8 in a near future, I don't really care if he goes back in NEWS or not because I prefer the group the way it is right now but I yearn for Uchi's retur in K8.
I wanna see Pink ranger with his outfit ç___ç
He may not go back with K8 at the end (and it'd be so unfair!) but the good thing is that he's back.

Oh yesterday I finished watching Yamada Taro, it was a cracking awesome and funny drama, I didn't expect that at the beginning.
Taro's siblings were so cute >w<

Now I'm trying to watch the other dramas I began before starting another one.
So I'm currently on the K-drama Who are you? while waiting for the next subbed episodes of Bloody Monday and Room of King (though I don't really like this drama but I hate not to finish dramas).
Then, I'll empty my external hard drive bits by bits.

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