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I'm already loving 2011 cause we - meaning BIG BANG fans - have received great news today!

- Dec 12th: Running Man, like every Sunday actually but this time it'll be a YG special featuring a YG artist in one of the RM teams.
I guess we'll get to see other known figures in this episode.
And maybe they'll grant my wish: seeing Daesung and Jae Suk re-united.

- Dec 15th: GD and TOP are gonna release their single + MV I guess.
I watched their performance at the MAMA and it was daebak!
Byebye fucking annoying and overwhelming electro sounds, clap your hand for good hip hop stuff!

- Dec 24th: GD and TOP's full album, I can't believe they worked on a full album in secret!

- Jan 3rd: Release of Seungri's digital single, I hope it'll be as good as "Strong Baby"!

- Feb 1st: Probably best day of the year cause it's BIG BANG's comeback as a group, at last!

So I'm a little LOT ecstatic today if you know what I mean...
Since I watched the MAMA performances, I'm being a little impatient but still, I'm coping.
As I was watching GD, TOP and Taeyang perfs, I was thinking "Hey K-artists, watch and learn!"
And wait for next year award ceremonies, they're gonna get 'em all!

2011's gonna be a BIG BANG year!
BIG BANG is the shit, damn it!
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PEOPLE, big big news!
So big that I feel that I should tell every K-Pop fan!

I was randomly clicking stuff on Facebook and wanted to become a Hwangbo fan there, when I discovered something huge.
You remember few weeks ago, when we were all desperate because of the closing of Jenpoo...
Guess what, it's not dead but back under a new name: Jenpuu.

So you can all resume your life and breathe again~

Godess Hwangbo always brings good stuff.
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  • BIG BANG 's come back delays
  • Potential too overwhelming presence of autotune on upcoming BIG BANG album
  • Not having been able to see the Wonder Girls in Cannes
  • Not being in Paris while Vanness Wu is there
  • Waiting for the last 2 eps of Gumiho
  • Where's Gahee's solo activity Pledis!?
  • Having to work on Saturdays
  • Not being able to find a Japanese course in my region
  • That iPods can be synchronized on only ONE computer


Sep. 22nd, 2010 11:37 pm
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I did plenty of things since my return in Normandy but nothing worth to be said here so I didn't update my LJ.

Now, 2NE1 have returned and I was scared their album would be too electronic and my fears were definitely justified.
First listening... didn't make a very good impression on me but I kept playing the songs.
Few hours after, I was already singing parts of Clap Your Hands, Go Away, Can't Nobody and Hurts...
Conclusion: the songs apparently got struck in my head so I guess it was a winning comeback for me.
And CL is looking freakin awesome with blond hair!

I can't wait for BIG BANG's comeback in Korea, I want to see them already >_<
Their latest song in Japanese is kinda addictive, I love it, or maybe i'm being too impatient and like everything they release.
Also watched the ending of Nineteen and TOP was singing. Awww~

I've begun to watch Running Man, the new show hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and it's not bad but still not exceptional.
But I'm glad to see my cutie-pie Song Joong Ki even more ♥_♥
Gary and Gwang Soo are very funny too.
The episode with Cha Tae Hyun as a guest was absolutely hilarious.

Oh new addictions, the first one is a well-known Korean rock Band named YB.
I love the leader's voice and the melodies of the songs, try Still You.
I actually discovered this group thanks to the 2nd addiction: LeeSsang, try The girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave.
Since Gary and Gil (the members of the groups) were so funny on TV shows, I decided to listen to their music.
The last album they've released, Hegonal, is pure awesomess!
And now LeeSsang feat. YB with Run.

And no news of After School Gahee solo activity, WTF!

K8 are gonna release a new album and... a film... with ALL the members!
I think their my only big Japanese/Johnny's fandom now.
I still watch some Arashi-related stuff but less and less.

On a more personal note, 2 newborn cousins, 1 boy and 1 girl and 1 coming pretty soon.
I'm still working teaching English and Spanish and I'm gathering new materials to do better courses.
The only thing I don't like in my job is that I'm not free on Saturdays.
Ok, off to watch brand new episode of Glee now ♫

Gonna talk about dramas in next entry.
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When I heard about the After School sub-units I had mixed feelings.
On one side, I was a bit disappointed because I like the group as a whole (though I'm terribly happy that UEE is away for some side activities).
On the other, it was a good occasion to let some of the girls shine a bit because lately it was all about Gahee and Raina.

Then, the news came that the first unit would be Orange Caramel.
With such a name, of course it could only be a girly and sweet thing.
Yesasia at the same time proposed some autographed CDs and since I'm weak, I ordered one without knowing anything about the group.

The day after I think, the songs were released and I HATED "Magic Girl", I mean from all my heart and soul!
It was too bubbly, too cute, too much like Japanese pop you can hear in animes...
I was like "What have they done with my girls!? T_T"

And the MV came out and it softened my opinion, it was sweet and funny and I began to like the concept.
I also saw the live performances and the were okay, the settings were nice and all and the girls still have their charisma.

And one day, while I was driving (I always plug my iPod to my radio in my car) my iPod set on random mode, played Magic Girl and that was... so unrealistic!
I was bouncing, dancing and singing at the same time.
It really felt great, it was sunny and the song made me happy for some reason.

So if you didn't like the song at first, maybe you can give it another try because this song did grow on me after all :D

And new Nana icon because the shooting in ELLE is really nice (and I have the same sunglasses than Nana).
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Until recently, 2NE1 was the only girl group I was interested in.
But since I like After School's title "Because of you", I decided to watch their other performances.
These girls are some charisma, they dance quite well and most of them can sing!
Now, I can say it aloud... I'm a Playgirlz! I'm gonna explain why I like them so much.

I love every single member but I have a little preference for Raina and Kahi though.
Kahi is a fierce woman with a dream body, she excels at dance, she has a good and constant voice and she can rap.
Moreover, she's a great leader with a great presence, this girl can do anything!
She's going solo soon for the After School sub-units, I can't wait to hear her.

Raina... ah Raina, I've totally succumbed to her voice and she's so pretty with her round face! >_<
She's the one with the most powerful and beautiful voice of the group, she's a great asset now.

Jung Ah is the soft voice, she looks so mature and all (and I think she looks a bit like Uhm Jung Hwa and that's a compliment).
I think I prefer when she has long hair...

I was kinda indifferent to Bekah at first, but the more I see/listen to her, the more I love her!
She actually has a good and pretty voice and she's got some attitude, like Kahi ♥

It was the same for Nana, I thought she was pretty but that's all.
Her long blond hair suit her well I think and she can sing... trot, I love trot!!!

UEE, I got some issue with her because I thought she looked really strict and severe.
And I saw her in You're Beautiful where her character was really not likeable.
But it grew on me and I like seing her smiling in the Diva MV or on TV shows.
There's only one thing... she's definitely the worst at singing xD

Ju Yeon absolutely can't sing but she's pretty pretty, especially with short hair, llike in the Bang MV.
But they found the solution at Pledis, the volume of her mic is lower than the others xD

Since Lizzy has just come, I don't know her well but I saw the video where Pledis introduces her and she has a lovely voice.

UEE is gone for now because she's shooting a new drama but now, on 8 members, there are 6 of them who can sing well! Yeepee!

Kahi, Raina, Jung Ah & Bekah

Kahi & Bekah duet

Raina & Bekah duet
Kahi & Jung Ah duet

"Because of you" is my favourite song from them, I still listen to it a lot.
"When I fall" has a slower rythm but it's beautiful.
I'm not a big big fan of "Bang!" but there's a moment I absolutely adore: the Kahi+Raina part.
"Ah!" is a funny song and "Diva" just makes you wanna dance!

Okay, I stop it for now... I'll just patiently wait for their comeback.
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Oh la la, c'est une de mes 2 chansons préférées d'After School.
Donc oui, faut s'attendre à ce qu'une des perfs de "When I fall" attérisse aussi ici.
Faut juste que je me décide sur laquelle utiliser...

Pas un clip exceptionnel, mais les filles sont très jolies.
Je veux les même cheveux que Kahi (et accessoirement, son corps aussi) et la voix de Raina !

Toujours pas de karaoké, mais juste une trad.
Thème de la chanson : une rupture amoureuse, des regrets...

Vidéo protégée par mot de passe, se référer ici pour l'obtenir.
Si vous avez déjà les accès, cliquez ici.

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OK, I have new fandoms and some who are coming back XD

Let's begin with Epik High, their comeback but without Tukutz, trying the rock genre.
They've done well, Run and Jabeum are definitely awesome songs!

Then, Brian is back with a brand new single not on his 2nd album.
It's actually a Korean version of Jason Derulo's song but has the same title "In my Head".
The MV is a bit disappointing because it's just like one of his stage performance.

Following there is... F.Cuz!
I discovered them yesterday only with their new single No One.
Since I lived this one, I decided to watch their other MV and their stage performances.
The perfs of Jiggy are beyond awesome! XD
They change their clothes for each of them.

And who's back too? Arashi with Troublemaker.
The stop motion process was really a nice idea.
I got the same feeling than the 1st time I watched their Happiness PV, it's fun to watch.

Ahhhh, definitely too much love to give~
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Isn't this awesome?

I was a bit sceptic about the rock style but it actually fits the song and the atmosphere of the song.
I love the fact that Mithra is goes less high than Blo when he jumps ♥
One of the saddest MV I've seen I think...

Now, I'm waiting for my copy.
I don't think I'll get one of the 100 posters though ç__ç

Here are some links to download the MV:
1280x720 mp4 version
720x280 avi version

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I've preordered Epik High upcoming album and from the teaser they released I think the album will sound different.
It's not bad actually because Tukutz's not here, they can't really do the same music without him and I guess they're also experimenting new stuff.
That's why I like Epik High, they're daring and don't always choose the easy way, that's what we call artists.

Run will be the first track they'll release with a MV and the chorus part is definitely rock-styled.
Tablo even wears eyeliner and they got the rock attitude, yay~
My favorite parts are when they're jumping, Mithra goes less high than Blo, that's sooooo cute ♥

And one thing we noticed with [livejournal.com profile] naesa_chan13 that the MV features... Infinite, the band Epik High's gonna launch!
Watch closely the boy who's boxing and then, this the one closest to the camera, it's definitely the same person.
I also spotted 2 others Infinite boys, the one with blond hair (but he has short black hair in the MV I think) and the one next to Mithra.

What can we conclude from this MV and short extract of the track?
Well, Infinite MAY be a rock group then, and they seem to be able to play instruments...
Anyway, we'll see but i can't wait to see them debuting!

Oh, and there's also a comic preview for Run, here!
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Today like everyday, I checked D-Addicts and I saw a JPop Suki thread so I was wondering if something had happened on that tracker since there have been huge changes on D-Addicts.
So now, I know you need to be invited to download via this tracker and miraculously, I had registered on their new tracker while it was opened so I have an account.
For those you'd like an invite, I'm sorry, I'm just a "user" and haven't seeded enough to send the 2 invites I have, maybe later ^__^

Today, I also discovered SeoulFM and I really like this radio station, they play everything I like and you can make requests via their Twitter!
So I tried and asked for Epik High's Fan and they played it for me.
It's funny because when it comes to K-Music, I really listen all kinds of genres and artists, which is not the case for J-Music.
I love some of Johnny's Ent. groups, Kanjani8 being the first in my personnal ranking, and very few others.
There's not this one monopole by one company in Korea though we can't denied that there's competition.

So, I could listen to the radio while doing some housework.
I plugged my wireless headphone base on my laptop and could go here and there in the house.
And I have to confess... I love SHINee's Ring Ding Dong ç___ç
I can't help it, I love everything about this song, rythm, the guys' voices...
Oh, SeoulFM is back live, I've just requested 잊지 말아요 (Don't Forget) by Baek Ji Young

And most importantly, drama spree is back, yeah baby!
I'm still watching Smile, you but I've also begun some old ones.
The first is a J-Drama called "Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu" and god, I'd never thought I'd cry like that!
The story isn't really original, not at all actually but the way it's narrated and the whole atmosphere is deeply touching.
*(Ahhhhhh, 잊지 말아요 is playiiiiiiiiiing! Sorry for the spazz XD)*

The 2nd one is Korean, it's "Time Between Dog and Wolf".
Since I'm really liking Jung Kyung Ho right now, I decided to watch it.
I couldn't before before I had seen him in I'm Sorry I Love You and hated his character from all my heart (yeah, I know it's stupid).
When I watched the 1st episode, I immediately recognized Bangkok and spent half of the time remembering how great it was when I was there and the other half wondering when I'd see my Jung Kyung Ho eye candy XD
*(Wow, I'm totally discovering After School's talent thanx to SeoulFM!)*

On a more serious note, I'll now be working on Saturdays T.T
It's ok coz I'll be teaching English to a 12 year-old boy in my village ^^
*(Ohhhhh, Wedding Dress by Taeyang playing ♥♥♥)*

It's 3:20am, goin' to bed now!


Feb. 26th, 2010 04:54 pm
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I know I'll ineluctably forget this url...

This is to listen to SeoulFM on internet, I use iTunes but you can also use Winamp too.

Again & Again of 2PM is playing right now, I feel so sad for Hottests from all over the world.
I don't consider myself as a hard-core fan but I liked the group, they were original.
Oh, Intro + Heartbeat now, are they on a 2PM row cos of all this 2PM drama?

Hottests, I can only support you and I hope the truth can be put into light AT LAST!
I completely lost my faith in JYPE, they're a bunch of opportunists, liars and hypocrites, they hid too much from the fans.

Also, what strikes me the most is that nobody from JYPE (JYP or artists) is talking about the issue, they should say something instead of closing all their minihoompy, I mean fans feel betrayed, they wanna know, JYPE should play fair and square with them.

Gonna update tonight (maybe) on dramas and other more trivial things (or not).
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Je vous présente mon coup de cœur 2009, cette chanson a totalement emporté mon petit cœur ç__ç
Le coup de foudre a été immédiat après avoir écouté la preview absolument géniale dans Where U at?
En fait, je voulais faire la trad juste pour ne pas perdre la main et parce que... oui... j'aime ça traduire.
Finalement, ça n'a pas été un exercice très intéressant, la chanson utilisant des mots très simples, pas trop de défi.
Mais bon, je la mets ici quand même, on sait jamais.

Vous pouvez admirer le talent de Yong Bae qui tient là sa meilleure choré je pense.
On reconnaît clairement le style Shaun Evaristo ♥

Encore une fois, c'est juste la traduction mais par contre, c'est de la HQ.

Vidéo protégée par mot de passe, se référer ici pour l'obtenir.
Si vous avez déjà les accès, cliquez ici.

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My K-Pop addiction managed to make me forget a bit about my Johnny's addiction, I have to confess...
Now, groups like BIG BANG, 2NE1 or Epik High have a bigger place than Arashi, TOKIO, Kinki Kids and SMAP in my life.
But when I watch some Kanjani8 perfs of TV shows, I'm all excited and I've realized I'll never stop fangirlize over those guys, they're too precious to me =3

If I had to choose only one fandom on each side, I'd definitely keep Kanjani8 for the Japanese side and BIG BANG would be their Korean counterpart.
But I have to say that my love for Epik High is growing more and more every day and I can't wait for MYK's solo album!

And Tablo is a genius.
This is something he wrote on Twitter, a blonote as he calls them.

"A period that shed a tear becomes a comma; a comma that gathers its tear becomes a period."

I have my own interpretation of this sentence, maybe you have yours too and we can share ^^

I understand it this way:
When you can't turn the page after a painful experience, when you can't forget something, you just can't put a period at the end of your story because it's still hurting, for you it's not the end yet, you may cry a lot again and again and it seems endless... You definitely can't put a period and begin another story.
Then, when you feel better, when you're able to heal and maybe forget those painful times, you dry your tears and you can end the story peacefully, you don't need to remember the past anymore, you don't suffer anymore like before, you're able to move forward and to put a period at the end of that particular story to begin a new one.
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Oh, I've just realized I didn't show you something important, guys.
It totally rocks and I'm proud of my new title given by JK himself!

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I wondered for a long time whether I should write this entry in French or in English.
In the end, I chose English because I wanna share this with everyone in the world XD

As you may know, I went to Cannes to see Epik High few days ago.

This will be long, very loooong... I hope you've got some time! )
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Ok, now I can say it because it's confirmed!
In 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS... I'm gonna see Epik High in live!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] newscasterbambi we have invites to see Epik High (and f(x) but I don't really care XD) showcase in Cannes at the end of the month!

I can't believe I'm gonna see and maybe talk (and I do hope so) with Epik High members!
Too bad Tukutz won't be there (he's entered the army few months ago).

So, yes, I'm going to Cannes with [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_noneko[livejournal.com profile] naesa_chan13 and [livejournal.com profile] newscasterbambi!!!
I don't even know the town, doesn't matter...

Train tickets are bought, apartment is booked, everything's ok!





If you don't know their music, you can start with "Fan", awesome song!
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Oh please, slap me because I watched Kanjani8 and Ryo's performances at the Shounen Club Premium only today.
As usual, SCP performances are awesome but Ryo's version of "Akireru Kurai Bokura Ha Negaou" (which is a song of TOKIO, you know the B-Side of the single "Amagasa").

It totally blew my mind.
See by yourself.

Ahhh Ryo, I shouldn't neglect you because of my K-Pop addiction~
But he's still my ichiban so it's ok.

Oh, I saw the results of the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the repartition of the awards was fairly good.
2PM deserved to get some for sure so I'm glad they won twice and I hope they'll get their spirit high with that.
What they said was touching, especially when they talked about Jay.
Taecyeon kinda fills the vacant place of the leader, he's like a spokeman now.
Of course, he'll never be the leader, the fans would never aknowledge that and even I would be against that decision.
Wooyoung crying was just... heartbreaking.

I'm also happy for 2NE1's victories, if 2009 was 2PM's year for the male side, 2NE1 is definitely their counterparts!
And when 2PM won the Best Artist of the Year award, they began to cry.
G-Dragon, on his side, knew that 2PM would won even before it was announced.
Ah Jo-young, congrats to you too, and he even brought a well grown up Gaho!

And the appearance of 3 DBSK members was strange.
I'm not a fan but they looked so... tired of the dispute with SM Ent.
Gosh, I'm so fed up with the scandals, the disputes, the netizens interventions, the harsh and unfair criticisms...
Please 2010, bring peace in Korean entertainment.
I'm glad there's no such thing in the eito world right now.
I'd fall apart if something like would happen to them, really...

Still watching "You're Beautiful", "IRIS" and "Smile, you".
I'm so addicted to those 3 dramas even though they're really different.
And dear god... I even ordered a Pig-Rabbit! XD
Thanks god, I'm a VIA at WithS2, I can get the subs faster.
Now since I watched all the Family Outing subbed, I've begun the X-Man.

Now, I'm looking for a new TV since mine is tiny and getting really old.
I want some Full HD stuff because I wanna see Ryo, Eito, BIG BANG and my dramas in True HD *w*
Yeah, I watch everything in HQ if I can, it's so much better.

Ok, let's watch some drama now /o/
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Let's fangirlize a bit people~

I watched Kanjani8's MSta talk and performance and it was great.
The talk was totally LOL, and I was surprised to see I could understand most of it actually.
So this means my Japanese has slightly improved, yay for me \o/
And I got used to the hair, now I even find them pretty funny and cute this way.
Now, I still have to watch the Puzzle DVD bonuses since it has been translated ♥

Their new song and PV is original and I like it, I like when artist are able to renew their work...
That's why NEWS seems so boring to me lately, it's always the same again and again.
But I think their last concert is worth to be watched because they performed some songs they don't usually.
Yeah, I especially talking about "Why?" which is one of my favourite songs of them (on Weeek LE).
Shige's PV is total crack with epic cosplay and his voice got better, no?
"code" isn't an original PV but whatever, I just love that song.
I tried to listen to Tegoshi's version of "Ai Nante" but no... just NO!
It's like he got rid of all the emotion of the song, the trio version is so much better IMO!
I didn't even bother to watch Koyama and Yamapi's PVs (even though I like Koyama and "Love Addiction"), I just didn't want to.
And for those who know me well, you know I have Yamapi issues XD

G-Dragon has just released another MV and yeah, it's "Boy" meaning m y favourite song on his album.
I'm a bit disappointed with the MV, I thought it'd be more like "Heartbreaker" or "Breathe", anyway...
Oh we can even see him when he was 13 or something like that, I already saw him rapping when he was young in the BIG BANG documentary, it was the same images.

Now I'm waiting for Taeyang's next MV, "Wedding Dress" because the preview sounded awesome in "Where U at".
And after that, well long after that I thgink, it'll be Tabi's turn to release a solo digital single~
Talking about solos... Park Bom's one is cute, well the MV in particular.
I'm so in love with the scenes of the X'mas tree and of the sketchbook at the end.

2PM's new album is to be released soon and all the songs are already available to download.
I just don't like how JYP's using the Hottests' ideas, he totally stole the concept of 1:59PM.
Obviously he wants money money and is trying to manipulate all the fans (especially the pro-boycotters.
He says this and that but it's bullshit I think, this guy can't even keep a promise.

What's going in the K-Pop side of the force, damn!
DBSK, 2PM, BIG BANG, Super Junior... Who's the next now?

Thanks God, there's still SS501.
I don't really know that group but I love the new song "Love like this", it's so punchy!
I even created my own choregraphy and all, well it's mostly freestyle XD
And don't forget to download the new Epik High song if you're a fan, it's good I swear.

BIG BANG is in Japan right now, promoting "Koe wo Kikasete" (Ohitorisama theme song) and I just love to see TOP not being able to speak Japanese XD
This guy is unique, first because of his voice, then with his personnality, he's such a dork actually.
Just look at that 8D
His choice was... surprising and Taeyang's message was funny "Please, let's friends" XD
Daesung's Japanese has really improved I think even though he's not fluent.
Seung Ri's trying hard but too much, I can't really understand him when he speaks...

Talking about dramas in next entry ^__^
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I'm really not a DBSK fan but this perf... oh this KILLER perf...

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