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I 've finally started to scan Hyde's photobook Hyde is Dead I bought last Summer in Tokyo.

As it'll take me time to scan all the pages, the book will be divided in several parts.
I'll put all of them in this entry.

2002 - 2008 Hyde is Dead: MU // MF
2006 Faith: MU // MF
2006 Season's Call: MU // MF
2005 Countdown: MU // MF
2004 666: MU // MF
2003 Horizon/666: MU // MF
2003 Hello: MU // MF

Just don't forget the rules because this photobook is quite difficult to scan @__@
If MF not available, it means it'll come later, I don't know why but it takes more time to upload on MF.

+ Can be used for graphics
+ Please credit if used / links reposted
+ Do NOT re-upload
+ Links can be reposted though
+ Comments are ♥

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Waw, I can'f belive it, half of the tickets for Laruku concert is already sold.

I think Le Zénith will be full.
We, little Frenchies, are so lucky to host such an event!
I feel like privileged now XD

Well except I don't live in France for the moment... ^^"
So I'll ba like a tourist, coming from England but at least I know Paris!
*niark niark niark*

But I'm a bit "pissed off "because La Fnac and Francebillet managed to have another handful of tickets that will be sold in few hours.
And I'd have preferred a "real" ticket as a memory, you know what I mean.

Some seats are still available on Digitick.

Anyway, I've mine, that's already great.
Now I have to book my train but as always, this stupid SNCF website doesn't work.
I tried with the Eurostar one, it was the same.
Sometimes I wonder why we pay so much taxes in France for services of this kind...

If I don't manage to book my journey, I'll ask my mother to go to the station for me.

But now, the main problem is to find somewhere to sleep.
I'm enquiring XD
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Hey unlocked unuseful mood-post because... I'm REBEL! XD

OK, I'm basically over-excited right now even though it's supposed to be bed-time where I live (Reading, England...)

But let me tell you for what reason I'm such in a state...
Few weeks ago, someone told me that L'Arc~en~Ciel would be on stage in France.
WAOUH, I couldn't believe it.
In France, in MY country!

Then, during this period of time, everyday I checked on FNAC website if the tickets were available.

Finally, on Friday, I know that they would be on Monday towards midnight.
Well, they already were at noon on a website specialized in e-ticket, you print it and it'll be scanned at the entrance.

At first, I didn't wanna use this method, so I calmly waited during the night.
And when I looked again on the website a bit later, OMG, the concert wasn't listed anymore!
At that moment, I began to "panic". No FNAC, no Francebillet!!! ;_____;

So, I finally opted for the e-ticket method and it was really OK, no problem at all.
I read at several places that Digitick is really a safe website.
Direct link to buy the tickets here.

Now, I have 2 tickets, one for  me and one for a friend, yay for us!

I discovered Hyde, I don't know something like 3 or 4 years ago.
I DO love his deep voice, he can even reach high notes!
I remember earlier, I was a hard-core fan and was prying for a concert in Europe. XD
But then, I gave up the idea.

So now, I'm relaxed at last.
I can work on my thesis in peace.
(Stupid thesis by the way! è_é)

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