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Isn't this awesome?

I was a bit sceptic about the rock style but it actually fits the song and the atmosphere of the song.
I love the fact that Mithra is goes less high than Blo when he jumps ♥
One of the saddest MV I've seen I think...

Now, I'm waiting for my copy.
I don't think I'll get one of the 100 posters though ç__ç

Here are some links to download the MV:
1280x720 mp4 version
720x280 avi version

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I've preordered Epik High upcoming album and from the teaser they released I think the album will sound different.
It's not bad actually because Tukutz's not here, they can't really do the same music without him and I guess they're also experimenting new stuff.
That's why I like Epik High, they're daring and don't always choose the easy way, that's what we call artists.

Run will be the first track they'll release with a MV and the chorus part is definitely rock-styled.
Tablo even wears eyeliner and they got the rock attitude, yay~
My favorite parts are when they're jumping, Mithra goes less high than Blo, that's sooooo cute ♥

And one thing we noticed with [livejournal.com profile] naesa_chan13 that the MV features... Infinite, the band Epik High's gonna launch!
Watch closely the boy who's boxing and then, this the one closest to the camera, it's definitely the same person.
I also spotted 2 others Infinite boys, the one with blond hair (but he has short black hair in the MV I think) and the one next to Mithra.

What can we conclude from this MV and short extract of the track?
Well, Infinite MAY be a rock group then, and they seem to be able to play instruments...
Anyway, we'll see but i can't wait to see them debuting!

Oh, and there's also a comic preview for Run, here!
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I changed my 1st post banner because the colors of the BSX ad go better with my header, yeah just for this simple reason ^^

Last week, I went to see Avatar... at last.
The 3D experience was incredible but I think it's really not the movie to see when you've never tested the 3D glasses...
It took me a long time to get used to these damn glasses, first because I have a perspective problem so it wasn't easy for me, and since I have a tiny asian nose (XD), the big glasses kept sliding.
Anyway, it was great and I don't care if the story is like a copy of Pocahontas, it was really beautiful!

I've begun to read Tablo's Pieces of you, it's really well written... it's Tablo of course.
I'm in the middle of the 2nd story right now and I thinking about using some passages of the book for my English classes.
Well yeah, Tablo's writting style is good, full of poetry and there are feelings in the stories.

Today's Lunar new year's eve in France and I'm doing nothing in particular.
It's strange because when I was living in England, I used to celebrate it with some Asian friends, we cooked a lot of things...
This year, I think I'm gonna prepare some stuff by myself, maybe I'll go to Paris to see the festivities, I don't know.

Fangirly speaking... I watched eps 7, 8, 9 and 10 of 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku.
This drama is really simple but very original so I like it a lot.
And the way how the next guests are introduces is well done, I can't wait to see Hina's eps now!

Bloody Monday 2 is waaaaaaay better than season 1 imo!
Well, for the moment... I've just watched the first 2 eps for the moment.
Miura's acting is better, thanks god cuz I was beginning to wonder if he was really an actor >.>
There's no idle-times and the ends of each episode are great.

I finished to watch Smile, damn that one was loooooooong!
The story was good, I mean the drama talked about real problems but I got so bored.

That was for the Japanese side, now Korean time!
And of course, I'm gonna talk a bit about Smile, you!!
This drama is just great, you experience a whole range of emotions xhen you watch it.
Anger, hatred, joy, happiness, laugh, romantism, cheesiness, passion, cries... in almost each episode.
It's definitely my fav K-Drama with My Girl (Korean version of course).

Oh, I recently watched Cass new CF, you know the long version with YEH and Nichkhun and i discovered "Tik Tok" and... I love the song! ♥
I had never listened to ot before and seriously, I was soooooo wrong.

I still haven't finished to watch all the X-Man eps I have but I can see the end!
In some of the last eps, there's Baek Ji Young and I want to be friend with her, she looks so funny!
When I could see her in the background while the camera was on others, she was really having fun with the other candidates, she was talking and taking in her arms the younger Japanese/Korean idol (?) Ayumi, so sweet.

I also watched a big part of the videos on the Map The Soul Youtube account...
Seriously, those guys are hilarious and I now present you my new alarm message.
Tablo posted a pic a Tukutz few days ago, he was on vacation and came to the studio to say hello to the others.
At the moment, I realized that I really miss him in the group, so if you feel the same, just watch that XD

Sorry for no LJ cut, and I leave you with this.
Oh and just... I need to say that... K8 are getting their first national TV show! ♥
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I though it'd talke time for my mapthesoul.com package to come because there was no news on the website but the EMS guy rang my bell this morning.
That a fucking good surprise!

Here are the things I bought:


There's Tablo's book, Pieces of You, it was more simple to order from map the soul instead of yesasia or Hanbooks.
And on the left, the Map the Soul Album chich is more like a book actually.
This album was first made for international fans so it's bilingual.
There are pictures, texts describing their life... a very nice object.

So if you live abroad (meaning not in Korea), you can easily order from their website.
Just use IE and not FF and unblock pop-up cuz you need them to proceed to the payment.
If you're not sure about what to do exactly cuz the information given on their board can be very confusing, you can ask me, no problem ^^

I'm really glad it came so fast and I already know what I'll order next from them!
And for those who'd like to know, I didn't pay a lot: 53,000 won EMS shipping included
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My K-Pop addiction managed to make me forget a bit about my Johnny's addiction, I have to confess...
Now, groups like BIG BANG, 2NE1 or Epik High have a bigger place than Arashi, TOKIO, Kinki Kids and SMAP in my life.
But when I watch some Kanjani8 perfs of TV shows, I'm all excited and I've realized I'll never stop fangirlize over those guys, they're too precious to me =3

If I had to choose only one fandom on each side, I'd definitely keep Kanjani8 for the Japanese side and BIG BANG would be their Korean counterpart.
But I have to say that my love for Epik High is growing more and more every day and I can't wait for MYK's solo album!

And Tablo is a genius.
This is something he wrote on Twitter, a blonote as he calls them.

"A period that shed a tear becomes a comma; a comma that gathers its tear becomes a period."

I have my own interpretation of this sentence, maybe you have yours too and we can share ^^

I understand it this way:
When you can't turn the page after a painful experience, when you can't forget something, you just can't put a period at the end of your story because it's still hurting, for you it's not the end yet, you may cry a lot again and again and it seems endless... You definitely can't put a period and begin another story.
Then, when you feel better, when you're able to heal and maybe forget those painful times, you dry your tears and you can end the story peacefully, you don't need to remember the past anymore, you don't suffer anymore like before, you're able to move forward and to put a period at the end of that particular story to begin a new one.
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I wondered for a long time whether I should write this entry in French or in English.
In the end, I chose English because I wanna share this with everyone in the world XD

As you may know, I went to Cannes to see Epik High few days ago.

This will be long, very loooong... I hope you've got some time! )
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Ok, now I can say it because it's confirmed!
In 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS... I'm gonna see Epik High in live!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] newscasterbambi we have invites to see Epik High (and f(x) but I don't really care XD) showcase in Cannes at the end of the month!

I can't believe I'm gonna see and maybe talk (and I do hope so) with Epik High members!
Too bad Tukutz won't be there (he's entered the army few months ago).

So, yes, I'm going to Cannes with [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_noneko[livejournal.com profile] naesa_chan13 and [livejournal.com profile] newscasterbambi!!!
I don't even know the town, doesn't matter...

Train tickets are bought, apartment is booked, everything's ok!





If you don't know their music, you can start with "Fan", awesome song!

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