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  • BIG BANG 's come back delays
  • Potential too overwhelming presence of autotune on upcoming BIG BANG album
  • Not having been able to see the Wonder Girls in Cannes
  • Not being in Paris while Vanness Wu is there
  • Waiting for the last 2 eps of Gumiho
  • Where's Gahee's solo activity Pledis!?
  • Having to work on Saturdays
  • Not being able to find a Japanese course in my region
  • That iPods can be synchronized on only ONE computer
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A 45-minute episode is way to short, I love Glee, I absolutely love this series!
The new characters look fun, especially Sunshine played by Charice.
Her voice is like a miracle on this planet but I still don't like her strange gestures when she sings, I think it's odd xD
The new coach is also a good suprise, seems like we're gonna have good time and hilarious confrontations with Sue.

There's still the humor à la Glee that I loved in the first season.
And... Harry Shum Jr, you're a god of the dance ♥
(aka Elastic Man, aka Mike Chang/Other Asian on Glee)

Now highlight if you wanna see my impressions on the first episode, I don't wanna spoil anyone.

The beginning was just great with all the interviews from the ugly blog guy, I particularly loved Tina's intervention.
My second favorite moment was when Sunshine and Rachel sang in the restooms and suddenly, Sue barged into and shouted "Shut Up!", that was hilarious.
As I read almost nothing about this new season to preserve the surprise, I didn't expect at all the arrival of a new" female" coach.
I can't wait to see next Thursday's episode Britney/Brittany, I know it's gonna be epic!
And we'll see Uncle Jessie playing Emma's boyfriend.

Drama talk now! )
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Guys, I need to tell you something... really and I'm being serious.
You HAVE TO watch the Korean drama Soulmate, even if you're not a K-Drama fan!
You may not know but I'm really picky when it comes to K-Dramas, they tend to drag a lot towards the end and there are few that I love.
But this one is damn good and shame on Koreans who didn't like it è__é

Some of the most touching and funny scenes I've ever seen are in this drama.
Great characters who have real personalities and great acting job.
FUCKING PERFECT OST that completely fits the atmosphere of the story.
Definitely one of the most original and best dramas I've seen so far.

If you want the OST: Disc 1 - Disc 2
There are 2 discs for each

I'm tempted to post some MVs but no, if you've never seen the drama and watch them, they'll spoil everything.
So if you plan to watch Soulmate, watch the MVs after!
Tip: all the episodes are downloadable here.
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Today like everyday, I checked D-Addicts and I saw a JPop Suki thread so I was wondering if something had happened on that tracker since there have been huge changes on D-Addicts.
So now, I know you need to be invited to download via this tracker and miraculously, I had registered on their new tracker while it was opened so I have an account.
For those you'd like an invite, I'm sorry, I'm just a "user" and haven't seeded enough to send the 2 invites I have, maybe later ^__^

Today, I also discovered SeoulFM and I really like this radio station, they play everything I like and you can make requests via their Twitter!
So I tried and asked for Epik High's Fan and they played it for me.
It's funny because when it comes to K-Music, I really listen all kinds of genres and artists, which is not the case for J-Music.
I love some of Johnny's Ent. groups, Kanjani8 being the first in my personnal ranking, and very few others.
There's not this one monopole by one company in Korea though we can't denied that there's competition.

So, I could listen to the radio while doing some housework.
I plugged my wireless headphone base on my laptop and could go here and there in the house.
And I have to confess... I love SHINee's Ring Ding Dong ç___ç
I can't help it, I love everything about this song, rythm, the guys' voices...
Oh, SeoulFM is back live, I've just requested 잊지 말아요 (Don't Forget) by Baek Ji Young

And most importantly, drama spree is back, yeah baby!
I'm still watching Smile, you but I've also begun some old ones.
The first is a J-Drama called "Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu" and god, I'd never thought I'd cry like that!
The story isn't really original, not at all actually but the way it's narrated and the whole atmosphere is deeply touching.
*(Ahhhhhh, 잊지 말아요 is playiiiiiiiiiing! Sorry for the spazz XD)*

The 2nd one is Korean, it's "Time Between Dog and Wolf".
Since I'm really liking Jung Kyung Ho right now, I decided to watch it.
I couldn't before before I had seen him in I'm Sorry I Love You and hated his character from all my heart (yeah, I know it's stupid).
When I watched the 1st episode, I immediately recognized Bangkok and spent half of the time remembering how great it was when I was there and the other half wondering when I'd see my Jung Kyung Ho eye candy XD
*(Wow, I'm totally discovering After School's talent thanx to SeoulFM!)*

On a more serious note, I'll now be working on Saturdays T.T
It's ok coz I'll be teaching English to a 12 year-old boy in my village ^^
*(Ohhhhh, Wedding Dress by Taeyang playing ♥♥♥)*

It's 3:20am, goin' to bed now!
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I changed my 1st post banner because the colors of the BSX ad go better with my header, yeah just for this simple reason ^^

Last week, I went to see Avatar... at last.
The 3D experience was incredible but I think it's really not the movie to see when you've never tested the 3D glasses...
It took me a long time to get used to these damn glasses, first because I have a perspective problem so it wasn't easy for me, and since I have a tiny asian nose (XD), the big glasses kept sliding.
Anyway, it was great and I don't care if the story is like a copy of Pocahontas, it was really beautiful!

I've begun to read Tablo's Pieces of you, it's really well written... it's Tablo of course.
I'm in the middle of the 2nd story right now and I thinking about using some passages of the book for my English classes.
Well yeah, Tablo's writting style is good, full of poetry and there are feelings in the stories.

Today's Lunar new year's eve in France and I'm doing nothing in particular.
It's strange because when I was living in England, I used to celebrate it with some Asian friends, we cooked a lot of things...
This year, I think I'm gonna prepare some stuff by myself, maybe I'll go to Paris to see the festivities, I don't know.

Fangirly speaking... I watched eps 7, 8, 9 and 10 of 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku.
This drama is really simple but very original so I like it a lot.
And the way how the next guests are introduces is well done, I can't wait to see Hina's eps now!

Bloody Monday 2 is waaaaaaay better than season 1 imo!
Well, for the moment... I've just watched the first 2 eps for the moment.
Miura's acting is better, thanks god cuz I was beginning to wonder if he was really an actor >.>
There's no idle-times and the ends of each episode are great.

I finished to watch Smile, damn that one was loooooooong!
The story was good, I mean the drama talked about real problems but I got so bored.

That was for the Japanese side, now Korean time!
And of course, I'm gonna talk a bit about Smile, you!!
This drama is just great, you experience a whole range of emotions xhen you watch it.
Anger, hatred, joy, happiness, laugh, romantism, cheesiness, passion, cries... in almost each episode.
It's definitely my fav K-Drama with My Girl (Korean version of course).

Oh, I recently watched Cass new CF, you know the long version with YEH and Nichkhun and i discovered "Tik Tok" and... I love the song! ♥
I had never listened to ot before and seriously, I was soooooo wrong.

I still haven't finished to watch all the X-Man eps I have but I can see the end!
In some of the last eps, there's Baek Ji Young and I want to be friend with her, she looks so funny!
When I could see her in the background while the camera was on others, she was really having fun with the other candidates, she was talking and taking in her arms the younger Japanese/Korean idol (?) Ayumi, so sweet.

I also watched a big part of the videos on the Map The Soul Youtube account...
Seriously, those guys are hilarious and I now present you my new alarm message.
Tablo posted a pic a Tukutz few days ago, he was on vacation and came to the studio to say hello to the others.
At the moment, I realized that I really miss him in the group, so if you feel the same, just watch that XD

Sorry for no LJ cut, and I leave you with this.
Oh and just... I need to say that... K8 are getting their first national TV show! ♥
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I'm chilled to the bones, really!
It's so cold here, it's even snowing now.
Snow is fun when you see it when you wake and then you realize you have to go to work...
But it wasn't the case for me today ah ah ah XD
I'm free until Monday but I'm preparing my next lessons for my students.

Tonight, I realized I used to write pretty often some months ago.
Maybe I'm too busy with my classes and my dramas~~~
Oh, I'm re-watching "My Girl", the SBS Korean drama, it's still awesome.
The Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook couple is just perfect, I hope I can see them reunited in another drama one day.
"My Girl" is my favourite K-Dramas, one of my favourite dramas actually.
Now, "Smile, you" is on the same way, I love that drama too!

Hey, have you listened to Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry - Answer"?
I think they could do 10 remix of that song, I'd love them all.
Their voices are really no joke and I fell in love with Yesung again~
It's funny because I didn't really like him when I discovered the group.
Kyu Hyun's voice is also astonishing, he's just went up in my personnal ranking.

I have so many things to watch on my HD...
AST has released subs for the Yatterman movie.
I have to catch up with Arashi's TV shows.
East of Eden is eating my life, so is X-Man.
And I need to finish some other dramas i've begun.

Oh I read that Aoi's gonna play in a new movie!
I can't wait to see it cause I love that girl, she's so cute >_<

I needed to share it XD
Wanna laugh again, watch SS501 speaking English on Youtube!

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You know what a pig-rabbit is only if you're watching the Korean drama "You're Beautiful".
For an explanation, watch this video~

This plush has been commercialized
And I ordered one 8D

Here are 4 icons of the "beast"

+ Textless icons are NOT bases
+ Do NOT modify icons
+ Please credit if used
+ Comments are ♥
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Oh please, slap me because I watched Kanjani8 and Ryo's performances at the Shounen Club Premium only today.
As usual, SCP performances are awesome but Ryo's version of "Akireru Kurai Bokura Ha Negaou" (which is a song of TOKIO, you know the B-Side of the single "Amagasa").

It totally blew my mind.
See by yourself.

Ahhh Ryo, I shouldn't neglect you because of my K-Pop addiction~
But he's still my ichiban so it's ok.

Oh, I saw the results of the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the repartition of the awards was fairly good.
2PM deserved to get some for sure so I'm glad they won twice and I hope they'll get their spirit high with that.
What they said was touching, especially when they talked about Jay.
Taecyeon kinda fills the vacant place of the leader, he's like a spokeman now.
Of course, he'll never be the leader, the fans would never aknowledge that and even I would be against that decision.
Wooyoung crying was just... heartbreaking.

I'm also happy for 2NE1's victories, if 2009 was 2PM's year for the male side, 2NE1 is definitely their counterparts!
And when 2PM won the Best Artist of the Year award, they began to cry.
G-Dragon, on his side, knew that 2PM would won even before it was announced.
Ah Jo-young, congrats to you too, and he even brought a well grown up Gaho!

And the appearance of 3 DBSK members was strange.
I'm not a fan but they looked so... tired of the dispute with SM Ent.
Gosh, I'm so fed up with the scandals, the disputes, the netizens interventions, the harsh and unfair criticisms...
Please 2010, bring peace in Korean entertainment.
I'm glad there's no such thing in the eito world right now.
I'd fall apart if something like would happen to them, really...

Still watching "You're Beautiful", "IRIS" and "Smile, you".
I'm so addicted to those 3 dramas even though they're really different.
And dear god... I even ordered a Pig-Rabbit! XD
Thanks god, I'm a VIA at WithS2, I can get the subs faster.
Now since I watched all the Family Outing subbed, I've begun the X-Man.

Now, I'm looking for a new TV since mine is tiny and getting really old.
I want some Full HD stuff because I wanna see Ryo, Eito, BIG BANG and my dramas in True HD *w*
Yeah, I watch everything in HQ if I can, it's so much better.

Ok, let's watch some drama now /o/
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I noticed something yesterday night.


Ryo has only played -"suke" characters since Last Friends! XD
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When you hang around with friends who prefer Korean culture over the Japanese one, you eventually end up watching K-related stuff and that's what happened this past week-end for me.
Don't worry, I enjoyed it, except that I can't remember the names @____@

I listened to DBSK for the first time, now I know "Mirotic" and yes, I love this song!
I got youuuuuuu~
Under my skin...

But the most wonderful discovery was the Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra parody by 2PM and 2AM!
Dirty Eyed Girls rule da world!!!!
If you have this MV in .avi and in HQ, let me know *w*

I also discovered the Korean TV show "Family Outing".
The games they play are funny, I've begun to watch the first episodes of the program.
(Hmmm, I should write "programme" since I usually write/talk a British English...)

Oh, now some of the D-Boys are not strangers anymore for me.
Well, this time, they're Japanese (sorry for jumping from one subject to another).
But I just CAN'T recognize Chanaka !!!
This guy never has the same haircut, style...

Well, I managed to recognize and learn all the names of the Super Junior members, I should be able to memorize that...
My favourite D-Boys is Yuya Endo, but I already liked him before knowing he was a D-Boys actually.

Program for the next few days...
Family Outing and the last 2 episodes of Partner!!
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I changed my LJ layout, I like the banner better and the colours (yes, with a "u" XD) are more like Summer.
But I'm stll not used to it, everytime I go on my Friends page, I'm a bit surprised because Ryo's gone.
I wanted to make it a bit more little but actually, it looks fine this way (or I think) and I quite proud of the result.

Soon, I'll be on holiday, yeah~
I'm going to Andorra (Arinsal to be more precise) and then Barcelona! \o/
You can't imagine how much I love that city...

Still on a drama spree, this summer will be a K-Dramas one, that's rare!

I think we need a little update here )

Oh, I received my Kanjani8 goods!


I'm hesitating now, since the DVD of the Puzzle tour and their next single are officially announced, I don't know if I'll buy the Arashi pamphlet and the Aiba clearfile... I'll see that later.
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I made some graphics because the pictures were cute but I really don't know what to do with them.
Not really banners, not really signatures, I just wanted to work on them.

Those pictures were taken for a photoshoot to advertise a cell-phone.
Sorry, there is no Lee Min Oh shoot, I don't know why, it was just F3 this time.
As I think I'll never use them, feel free to take them if you like.

You can also modify them but don't forget to credit me for the bases ^^
Dimensions are: 400x200.

I'm really biased, I put Kim Joon first because he's worth it.
Yo, yo, yo... wassup?!

Have fun with the Korean F3 )
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Long time ago I used to go on IRC to chat with some friends.
Long time ago, I knew how to deal with mIRC.
But one day, I deleted all my programs, scripts, snippets...
End of IRC sessions for me and erased that from my memory.

And some days ago I read on SARS' Twitter that they'll release the Gokusen Movie on IRC only.
OK, it's not like I'm interested by that movie but I know they'll sub the Nodame one.
And I ABSOLUTELY need the watch/burn this one!
A bit later, SBK Fansubs announced that they'll release their episodes only on torrent and IRC from now on.
Torrents are not a problem for, I've been using that protocol for ages now, but if downloading via IRC will be faster, I'd use IRC.
(Plus, the law in France is still unclear about illegal downloads, sanctions, trackers so the less I use Azureus, the better it is)

[personal profile] shigusa and me decided to re-download mIRC and we managed to get some episodes from SARS' channel.
I can be lazy with technology sometimes so I told her to try and then explain everything to me XD
But now I remember all the "options" I had before and I so miss my old scripts (some of them don't exist anymore).

This entry just to say I can use IRC! XD

P.S: I'm posting from Dreamwidth, yay!
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What did I watch since the last I wrote about dramas here?

I've watched 87 dramas so far... )
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I will resist to the temptation! I am strong-willed!

I watched only one CM for the release of Kanjani8's new album and I didn't listen any of the previews/songs played during radio shows...
But I can't wait to receive my albums actually, still few weeks!!!
Yeah, I preordered both LE and RE, I am so weak when it comes to bonus xD

In compensation, I'll watch "The Quiz Show" with Yoko and Sho, ohhh awesomeness.
I'm currently watching the first season of this drama and it's really interesting, so different.
I'm glad that Arashi's singing the theme song (well, I hope that one day K8 will do that!).
Yoko will perfect for the Evil producer role, it'll be great because I love when he play a "badass".

I couldn't watch lots of things lately, I'm kinda busy (ohhhh f*cking thesis).
So I'm on a mini drama-break, I'm still watching stuff but less.
Yesterday, I finished the Door to Door SP with Nino and we can hate or love him but he's definitely a very good actor.

And now I'm thinking that I wanna see K8 in more dramas TwT...

Ooooh big news, Kimu will play in a drama next season, yay!
And don't forget to watch NEWS' last PV! xD
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Oh pretty, lovely, sunny day~
And I'm trapped inside for work...

And I think there's love between Arashi and Kanjani8 because after Subaru/Nino in Abunai Houkago, Yoko/Nino in Haikei, Chichiuesama,
Ryo/Nino in Ryusei no Kizuna, Maru/Ohno in Uta no Onii-san, we'll have Yoko/Sho in The Quizz Show.
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So what's new in my life lately?

Er... I ordered Kanjani8 goods thanks to JE_Sales and a Chinese girl.
I'll finally have my own K8 Spring Tour pamphlet, I can't believe it!
And I'll have more uchiwas and clearfiles even though I dunno what I'm going to do with that.

I'm currently translating dialogues from French to English for a film festival.
But the only inconvenient is that I don't have a lot of time, I do hope I can finish the work by tomorrow.
The story is about French administration so it's more difficult to translate than what I thought.
I hope I'll do a good job.

One of my cousins offered me a book, it's called Allô... la Terre ? Ici, Tokyo which means "Hello Earth, Tokyo here" in French.
Yeah, it's a French book, available only in French and maybe a bit difficult to find in book shops because it's indicated as out of print on some websites.
If you can read French and if you love Japanese culture, it's a very nice little "book" to read.

Oh I started to read Twilight because I didn't understand this excitation around those books.
And I think I still don't actually, I don't know what's so exceptional about them.
I'm in the middle of chapter 8 and the narration isn't transcendent.
Or maybe it's because it's just the beginning, I have no idea, I'll see later.

Currently watching a loooot of stuff, American series, dramas...
So I'll finish Yoiko no Mikata first and then watch the new stuff I got recently.
Yoiko is about a guy who decided to become an ideal pre-school teacher but end in a school with only women who kinda "despise" him.
Sakurai Sho has the lead role and I could see Aibaka in episode 7!

Oh I won a single of Utada Hikaru but I really don't know which one I'll take since I don't really know this singer apart from her hit songs "Prisoner of Love" and "Flavor of Life".
So, if you have some advices, yoroshiku~
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Uwah, yesterday I set my alarm clock and chose the iPod function on this machine.
But before putting my iPod on the dock, I rewatched some Arashi no Shukudai-kun.
And this morning, I woke up with Ogura-san saying "Arashi no shukudai-kun hajimaruyo!"

It was kinda strange to begin the day like that actually.
And good news, a new VS Arashi has been subbed by a new fansub team!
Other Arashi-related thing, I've discovered today that there's a secret talk at the end of the karaoke version of "Wasurenai" on the "Beautiful Days" single!!

And about dramas... )
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I re-scanned the K8 and NEWS pics of the January issue of Potato earlier than I thought.
New pages added in the K8 and NEWS folders by the way.
I also added Arashi, Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, KAT-TUN, Hey Say Jump, Ryusei no Kizuna, Uchi Hiroki, Ikuta Toma and Sato Takeru pages.
Scans are nicely cut this time.

Kanjani8: MU // MF
MU // MF
MU // MF
Ryusei no Kizuna:
MU // MF
Kinki Kids
MU // MF
Tackey & Tsubasa:
MU // MF
Hey Say Jump: MU // MF
Uchi Hiroki:
MU // MF
Ikuta Toma:
MU // MF
Sato Takeru:
MU // MF

+ Can be used for graphics
+ Credits are appreciated but not compulsory
+ Do NOT re-upload
+ Links can be reposted though
+ Comments are ♥

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