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I'm currently revising my Japanese lessons so every night I take my book and I redo some exercises to see what I've forgotten.
There are few grammar points I didn't remember at all and some kanjis that I couldn't write anymore but it's okay, I didn't lose THAT much actually.

Also, I found some useful material on the NHK World website!
You first select your native language if available and then, you can download little lessons composed of an audio and a handout.
I think it's a good think to work on your Japanese when you're in the bus/train... or waiting somewhere or if you just have some time to kill.

Since I couldn't print all those pages, I wrote to the French department of NHK World and asked if they had some handbook to sell or whatever.
Few weeks later, I received one and they didn't ask any payment at all, I thought they were really cool to do that!

Just wanted to spread the world...
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Johnny's TV shows are great to learn new stuff in Japanese!  b(^___^)ノ
By watching programs like Muchaburi, Janiben, Can!Jani, SMAPxSMAP, Tokyo Friend Park 2, Arashi no Shukudai-kun, VS Arashi... I assimilated new words easier.
But I think I learnt the MOST USEFUL word in Japanese thanks to the show D no Arashi!
Now you know the word モグラ which means... mole (yes, the animal) XD

Johnny's world is just wonderful and so helpful sometimes~


Feb. 22nd, 2009 07:07 am
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Hmm, I posted a message on specialized site to find penpals from the world and wrote that as I've just begun to learn Japanese and as I'm interested in Japanese culture, I'd like to have some Japanese penpals.

Somebody actually replied to me in Japanese even though I precised that I'm French and just a rookie in Japanese.
But that person keeps writing to me in Japanese and in her/his 3rd e-mail, asked me if I was Japanese...
Er... I said in my presentation on the website and in my first e-mail (in Japanese this time) that I was French and currently living not far from Paris.

But the most incredible thing is that this person is... Korean.
And I'm korean too! XD
Well, "fake" Korean cause I can't speak the language.

I'm still replying to the e-mails but I don't know if the other side will do the same as it seems she/he's looking for some Japanese friends to chat with.

But that's funny~

OK, someone from Sri Lanka wrote to me now XD
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Hum, several people asked me to show the pictures I took in Japan, some saw them and some others didn't as I never posted them on LJ.
So I'll put a few here and maybe I'll post some of India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore later... probably.


Ôsaka )

Kyôto )

Yokohama )

Tôkyô; )


Dec. 23rd, 2008 05:10 am
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Oops, I'm still awake and it's already past 5.30 am, hum hum...
I was absorbed in my Japanese study books and didn't realize what time it was.
When it comes to study Japanese, I don't care about anything around me.
(Same goes for dramas XD)
I'm still a beginner, I still have a huge amount of lessons in my book to overcome but...

(Ah ah, I sound like Subaru in the PV of Musekinin Hero!)

I'm learning on my own so sometimes I'm really over-active or... slack, depends on the days.
Anyway, I'm more efficient than when I studied Chinese.
It wasn't a waste of time but I barely can remember 5 complex sentences I think.

Tomorrow, I'll go to buy my very last X'mas presents in Evreux, horrible town in Normandy.
If one day, by chance, you wanna visit Normandy... just don't come where I live!
But it's not far from Paris by train though and I really appreciate that.
Because to me, Paris = Japanese "arrondissement" (I think we would call that "district" in English) = fangirlising, eating okonomiyaki/ramen, Chinese district which is more an asian district now.

But the prices are @__@, especially for the magazines.
Sometimes I go to Junkudo or Book Off for fangirl purposes and see what are the best shootings for Kanjani8, but ONE magazine costs more than 10€.
Well, when I lived in the UK, I often went to the Japanese Centre where it was even more expensive.

Ahhh, I didn't watch the 3rd episode of Can!Jani subbed by EKA and it's late now (or really early) and I think I should get some sleep.
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Wow, X-mas is approaching and I can see that when I go to the supermarket, there are already toys and decorations on the shelves.
I think it's a bit too early but whatever, I know that some people prefer to buy presents in advance... which is not my case.
I never know what I'm gonna buy but this year, I have an idea for my mom.
So people, what can I buy for my father ??? I always struggle to find something for him.
And if my brother wanna give me something cheap, I'll suggest him an Arashi single XD
But otherwise, I don't want anything in particular.
A new TV would be nice cuz I think mine is becoming old, yeah it has a VCR integrated! (But dead).

What's new?
Still subbing Ryusei no Kizuna in French.
This drama is fun but some lines are difficult to translate @__@
And it'd be better if I knew Japanese better I guess.

Soooooo, tada~ I'm studying Japanese seriously again.
I didn't progress a lot these last few months but I'm really motivated, especially if I wanna go back to Japan.
I know that Japanese won't be of a big help for my job but I don't know, I like this language.
Well, I like foreign languages in general...

Apparently, I may go to Mexico in February, I don't know yet.
Last year, I was invited by some of my father's friends, to spend X-mas and New Year's Eve in India and it was the best X-mas break of my life and I didn't have to book any hotel...
I think that what I prefer in this country are the colours, it's so shiny and beautiful, immediately catch the eye.

But this time, I'm a bit afraid of going to Mexico (if I go) because I had a young teacher of Spanish who was Mexican, he really loved his city and everything but told us he left because it's very dangerous.
I remember he told us that people put a gun on his head 7 times to rob him and was attacked in a bus. TwT
I know that it's not always like that but... why did he have to say that ?! XD
The nice part is that I know Spanish so communication won't be a problem (I hope! Maybe my Spanish id very bad ^^")
And everyone there will feel my accent, argh! XD

Last thing for today... I want Musekinin Hero RE!! :D

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