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A 45-minute episode is way to short, I love Glee, I absolutely love this series!
The new characters look fun, especially Sunshine played by Charice.
Her voice is like a miracle on this planet but I still don't like her strange gestures when she sings, I think it's odd xD
The new coach is also a good suprise, seems like we're gonna have good time and hilarious confrontations with Sue.

There's still the humor à la Glee that I loved in the first season.
And... Harry Shum Jr, you're a god of the dance ♥
(aka Elastic Man, aka Mike Chang/Other Asian on Glee)

Now highlight if you wanna see my impressions on the first episode, I don't wanna spoil anyone.

The beginning was just great with all the interviews from the ugly blog guy, I particularly loved Tina's intervention.
My second favorite moment was when Sunshine and Rachel sang in the restooms and suddenly, Sue barged into and shouted "Shut Up!", that was hilarious.
As I read almost nothing about this new season to preserve the surprise, I didn't expect at all the arrival of a new" female" coach.
I can't wait to see next Thursday's episode Britney/Brittany, I know it's gonna be epic!
And we'll see Uncle Jessie playing Emma's boyfriend.

I've recently finished Autumn's Concerto, a Taiwanese drama.
FYI, I not fond of Tw-Dramas... at all, but this one was special, it was really good.
The only one I liked so far was Mars but if there was one to be recommended, it would be Autumn's Concerto.
Solid story, great acting, beautiful OST, nice pacing = GOTTA WATCH!
Even secondary characters are interesting.
And now, I can't stop listening to the theme song of this drama.

I've also finished OB & GYN Doctors which was good actually!
Plus, there were some very hot guys in it and my Song Joong Ki cutue-pie ♥

Same for Shinya Shokudo, this drama doesn't really have a clear storyline, it's more about a particular atmosphere in Tokyo.
Still, it was nice to watch and the dishes all looked yummy.

Watching Gloria now because there's Chun Hee and one of the hot guys from OB & GYN in it.
The beginning is okay and I've signed up for watching 50 episodes xD

Also watching Unubore Deka which is... special.
When you know Kudo Kankuro's style of humor, it's very funny otherwise you'll find this drama weird.
I advise you to begin with IWGP and Ryusei no Kizuna if you've never watched anything written by him.
As for me, I'm a big fan, he's just crazy and the drama Manhattan Love Story illustrates my point very well.

Gonna watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho when all the translations will be out, this way I'll watch all the episodes in a raw.

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