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When I heard about the After School sub-units I had mixed feelings.
On one side, I was a bit disappointed because I like the group as a whole (though I'm terribly happy that UEE is away for some side activities).
On the other, it was a good occasion to let some of the girls shine a bit because lately it was all about Gahee and Raina.

Then, the news came that the first unit would be Orange Caramel.
With such a name, of course it could only be a girly and sweet thing.
Yesasia at the same time proposed some autographed CDs and since I'm weak, I ordered one without knowing anything about the group.

The day after I think, the songs were released and I HATED "Magic Girl", I mean from all my heart and soul!
It was too bubbly, too cute, too much like Japanese pop you can hear in animes...
I was like "What have they done with my girls!? T_T"

And the MV came out and it softened my opinion, it was sweet and funny and I began to like the concept.
I also saw the live performances and the were okay, the settings were nice and all and the girls still have their charisma.

And one day, while I was driving (I always plug my iPod to my radio in my car) my iPod set on random mode, played Magic Girl and that was... so unrealistic!
I was bouncing, dancing and singing at the same time.
It really felt great, it was sunny and the song made me happy for some reason.

So if you didn't like the song at first, maybe you can give it another try because this song did grow on me after all :D

And new Nana icon because the shooting in ELLE is really nice (and I have the same sunglasses than Nana).
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