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This time, I won't talk about Japanese or Korean, nor any other Asian related stuff actually.
No, today's about an American TV series I've just discovered: Glee.

Okay, normally I'm not fond -at all- of series with teenagers who are going to school because I get bored very easily.
I did watch some though, but at that time, I was in high school myself, like when I was watching Buffy.

Since I saw some very good reviews about Glee, I thought I'd give another chance to that kind of series and...
Well, I have to say that I like it... I mean, very much :D

It's not exceptionnal but I like the narration, the originality of the characters, all the comedy and drama sides as well.
I think this is the kind of TV series that exactly meets my expectations when I wanna watch something entertaining.
And... I love choirs, I don't even know why... (I enjoyed Sister Act 2 so much a long time ago xD)

The mix of singing and acting reminds me of Bollywood films where the songs all have a meaning.
(Yeah, I've been madly in love with the Bollywood style since I'm 11 I think when I watched Raja Hindustani).

I like Mr. Schue, he's funny and his voice and dancing skills are totally wow!
And I have 2 favorite duos: Artie / Tina and Kurt / Mercedes.
The guy playing Mike, aka Other Asian (xD) can REALLY dance, OMG!
Sue is an awesome character, always composed and trying to take the glee club down.
I like the Indian principal too, he has some funny moments.

I think now you can say I'm a Gleek...
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