Sep. 23rd, 2010

aanjali: (Epik High)
A 45-minute episode is way to short, I love Glee, I absolutely love this series!
The new characters look fun, especially Sunshine played by Charice.
Her voice is like a miracle on this planet but I still don't like her strange gestures when she sings, I think it's odd xD
The new coach is also a good suprise, seems like we're gonna have good time and hilarious confrontations with Sue.

There's still the humor à la Glee that I loved in the first season.
And... Harry Shum Jr, you're a god of the dance ♥
(aka Elastic Man, aka Mike Chang/Other Asian on Glee)

Now highlight if you wanna see my impressions on the first episode, I don't wanna spoil anyone.

The beginning was just great with all the interviews from the ugly blog guy, I particularly loved Tina's intervention.
My second favorite moment was when Sunshine and Rachel sang in the restooms and suddenly, Sue barged into and shouted "Shut Up!", that was hilarious.
As I read almost nothing about this new season to preserve the surprise, I didn't expect at all the arrival of a new" female" coach.
I can't wait to see next Thursday's episode Britney/Brittany, I know it's gonna be epic!
And we'll see Uncle Jessie playing Emma's boyfriend.

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