Jul. 27th, 2010

aanjali: (03)
I'm currently revising my Japanese lessons so every night I take my book and I redo some exercises to see what I've forgotten.
There are few grammar points I didn't remember at all and some kanjis that I couldn't write anymore but it's okay, I didn't lose THAT much actually.

Also, I found some useful material on the NHK World website!
You first select your native language if available and then, you can download little lessons composed of an audio and a handout.
I think it's a good think to work on your Japanese when you're in the bus/train... or waiting somewhere or if you just have some time to kill.

Since I couldn't print all those pages, I wrote to the French department of NHK World and asked if they had some handbook to sell or whatever.
Few weeks later, I received one and they didn't ask any payment at all, I thought they were really cool to do that!

Just wanted to spread the world...

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