Mar. 5th, 2010

aanjali: (06)
I've preordered Epik High upcoming album and from the teaser they released I think the album will sound different.
It's not bad actually because Tukutz's not here, they can't really do the same music without him and I guess they're also experimenting new stuff.
That's why I like Epik High, they're daring and don't always choose the easy way, that's what we call artists.

Run will be the first track they'll release with a MV and the chorus part is definitely rock-styled.
Tablo even wears eyeliner and they got the rock attitude, yay~
My favorite parts are when they're jumping, Mithra goes less high than Blo, that's sooooo cute ♥

And one thing we noticed with [ profile] naesa_chan13 that the MV features... Infinite, the band Epik High's gonna launch!
Watch closely the boy who's boxing and then, this the one closest to the camera, it's definitely the same person.
I also spotted 2 others Infinite boys, the one with blond hair (but he has short black hair in the MV I think) and the one next to Mithra.

What can we conclude from this MV and short extract of the track?
Well, Infinite MAY be a rock group then, and they seem to be able to play instruments...
Anyway, we'll see but i can't wait to see them debuting!

Oh, and there's also a comic preview for Run, here!

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